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Kemry Hughes

Kemry Hughes is a native Washingtonian, civic leader, and proud Democrat with four decades of public service and political experience. Kemry’s service includes stints at the DC Council, Office of the Mayor, and the DNC.

Nationally, Kemry’s worked with the NAACP, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, National Black Leadership Roundtable, Congressional Black Caucus, Young Democrats, March on Washington for 1983, 1988, and 1993, The Million Man March, and other coalitions.

Kemry has managed and advised local and national campaigns, including as an organizer for John Kerry in 2004 and Hillary Clinton in 2008. He’s worked on issue campaigns including the 2016 DC Statehood Referendum, SmokeFreeDC, DC Budget Autonomy (Referendum 8), and Initiative 71.

Kemry is the proud dad of Kemry III and works to develop youth at the Marion Barry Youth Leadership Institute (MBYLI), where he was a participant in the second year of the MBYLI and became DC’s first Youth Mayor in 1980.


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