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Whether you're considering running for local, state, or national office, we are here to offer support every step of the way. On this Candidate Resource Page, you'll discover information and tools to help you launch and manage your campaign effectively. To get more information on any campaign resource tools, email Claudette David at

The Official NGP Van Vanual

The official guide to navigating voter and volunteer data using VAN

The Official NGP MiniVanual: 

The official guide to navigating voter and volunteer data using MiniVAN.

Campaign Resource Webinar Series

Are you planning to be a candidate for an elected seat or work for a candidate?

Check out these recordings from our Campaign Resource Webinar Series to learn from campaign vendors as they talk about how their tools help campaigns


Hear from NGP Van on how to best utilize their campaign tools. Click here to watch.

L2 Voter Data

Learn more about voter data tools to help create targeted campaigns from L2Click here to watch.

Act Blue

Act Blue provides state of the art fundraising tools for Democratic Campaign. Click here to watch

Ballot Access for Presidential Candidates

  • The Affidavit of Presidential Candidate must be signed by the Presidential candidate and submitted to the DC Board of Elections (DCBOE) prior to March 4, 2024.  Please submit a copy to the DC Democratic Party after submitting the original to the DCBOE.

  • One of the following must accompany the Democratic Presidential Filing Statement: a petition containing one thousand (1,000) signatures of registered qualified electors who are members of the District of Columbia Democratic Party OR payment of a $2500 filing fee (by check or online using this link).

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