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Villareal Johnson

Villareal "VJ" Johnson is a lifelong Democrat, residing in the Ward 7 neighborhood of Hillcrest. VJ currently serves as the Vice President of the Hillcrest Community Civic Association. Moreover, he served as an Advisory Neighborhood Commission in Ward 7 for 5 terms. In that capacity he has served as Chairman.

In his work as a Democrat, he has worked as a Precinct Captain for the Ward 7 Democrats, serving as the Chair of the Loraine Whitlock Annual Scholarship Awards Dinner, Voter Education and Registration Chair. He was the chief strategist and campaign manager for the 2019 Forward 7 slate among other servant roles.

Cutting his teeth in politics, as early as high school and college with student government. His first campaign role was in Georgia in a Savannah Mayoral election, as a coordinator. His work around voter education and registration was cultivated through service with the NAACP. He has been certified as a union organizer with AFL-CIO. He also taught social studies in DCPS. Villareal is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc.

VJ lent his political experience to the Virginia Democrats, and canvassed and organized for the Terry McAuliffe, and Luke Torian campaigns. He also worked on the Warnock campaign.

He is a devoted father to his 7-year-old namesake, and was recognized and received an award as Father of the Year in 2018, from CFMB.

He is known for his strategic thinking and analysis, work ethic and his love for using date to ensure impact. Villareal is a devoted Christian and active member of the Pennsylvania Ave Baptist Church in Ward 7.

He has degrees and certificates from Savannah State University, Nyack College, and the University of the District of Columbia, the George Meaning College of Labor and George Washington University.


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