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DC Democratic convention

April 18, 2020

Walter E. Washington Convention Center

On the road to Milwaukee

Program Highlights

  • Remarks from keynote speaker Donna Brazile

  • Speeches from presidential candidates and/or surrogates 

  • Ratification of the DC Democratic Party platform  

  • A celebration of the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage

  • Candidate forum sponsored by the DC Democrats' Latino Caucus 

  • Meetings of constituent caucuses and affiliated organizations

Youth Involvement

  • Each ward delegation has a target of at least 10% young Democrats

  • Registered Democrats aged 16 and older can fully participate in all events including participation as Ward Delegates

Become a Ward Delegate

  • 80 delegates and 5 alternates to the state convention are expected per ward.

  • All DC Democrats are invited to participate as Ward Delegates.

  • The deadline for registration is April 1. 

  • Register at this link.

Election of DNC Delegates

  • Information on running for DNC Delegate is available here.

  • Voting will open at 1:45 PM and will remain open until 10:30 PM.

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