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DC Democratic Party Statement on Historic DC Statehood Vote

For Immediate Release | June 26, 2020

Contact: Claire Goldberg,

DC Democratic Party Statement on the House Passing H.R.51

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to pass H.R.51, the Washington, D.C. Admission Act. This is the first time in history that DC Statehood has passed either house of the U.S. Congress. The final vote count was 232-180, almost entirely along party lines. We will now be focusing our efforts on lobbying Senators to support the bill. In response to this major victory for Washingtonians, DC Democratic Party Chair Charles Wilson gave the following statement:

“We are so deeply grateful to all who have fought for DC Statehood, but especially to our Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, who introduced this bill and who has made it her life’s mission to end DC disenfranchisement. We would also like to thank the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Association of State Democratic Committees (ASDC), and every State Democratic Party and ally who helped secure this victory. We are one step closer to becoming a state, and therefore one step closer to a stronger Democratic majority.

But we also know we have an uphill battle ahead of us getting this bill through the Senate. We are calling on Senator Whitehouse (RI), Senator Jack Reed (RI), Senator Sinema (AZ), Senator Doug Jones (AL), Senator Angus King (ME), and Senator Joe Manchin (WV), all caucusing with the Democrats, to co-sponsor the bill in the Senate and do what’s right for not just DC, but for our country. And to all the Republicans who voted against or are planning to vote against DC Statehood: We’re looking forward to supporting your Democratic challengers.”



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