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Party Leader and Elected Official Delegate Candidates

Candidates for Biden 

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Charter Day, 33rd, 50 year, E.Prov. - Samuel McCoy.jpg

Samuel McCoy

My substantive experience [lifetime working Democrat (over 60 years)], higher education (Ph.D. in Business Administration), and leadership expertise (Past Democratic Chairman, Ward 4 Advisory Commitee; former Commissioner, DC Commission on Aging, former Secretary/Treasurer, DC Vote, Past President, Washington (DC) Alumni Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.; Retired NOAA, U.S. Commerce Department Technical Manager, etc. My substantive experience, higher education, and leadership expertise are exceptionally unique qualities, and should be valuable assets as a delegate to the 2024 National Convention.

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Stuart Anderson

I am Stuart Anderson and I seek to be one of the DC Delegates at the 2024 Democratic National Convention. Serving as both the 2nd Vice President for the Ward 8 Dems and the Ward 8 Committeeman, I seek to engage, inform and advise Democratic voters to advance basic principles of equity, accountability and transparency. As a leader in the Democratic Party I believe, with the increasing threats coming from the MAGA extremist growing across our country, we need strong voices guiding the trajectory of our democracy. I have been recognized as an authority on issues ranging from politics to public safety and judicial issues. Some of you will recall, I lead the creation of the Returning Citizens constituent group within the DC Democratic Party here in Washington. I was educated via the DC public school system, the University of the District of Columbia and Georgetown University. Having been a DC Delegate in 2016, I have been a strong Advocate for DC Statehood and played key roles in local democratic Mayoral, Attorney General, Shadow Representative, and DC Council races here in the District. If chosen I will continue articulating and promoting our Democratic platform at the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

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Corina Garay

I would like to run as an At-Large Delegate because I aim to represent the diverse voices of our party. Latinos make up a significant portion of the Democratic Party's base and are projected to be one of the largest and most influential voting blocs in 2024. A powerful demographic shift is coming and representation in Chicago is essential for our party's electoral success. Latino voices deserve to be heard and represented at every level of decision-making, including the national convention. There are currently no Latinos who will serve as a delegate in Chicago, but I hope to change that with the help of my fellow DCDSC colleagues who stand firmly in support of racial equity and inclusion. With a fervent dedication to the principles of justice, equality, and progress, I also hope to represent our shared DC values in Chicago and discuss the importance of DC Statehood. As a lifelong Washingtonian, I take pride in our city and look forward to working with other delegates to advance our interests. If elected delegate, I will work tirelessly to advocate for the policies that uplift all Americans, promote inclusivity, and advance our collective shared values as a nation. I hope that I can count on your vote!

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20190205-monika-nemeth-washington-dc-usa-00045_40028833903_o - Monika Nemeth.jpg

Monika Nemeth

I was a Biden delegate at the 2020 DNC Convention. I have been an active member of the DC State Committee. I am on the Board of Capital Stonewall Democrats currently as VP for Administration though I have served in various capacities on the Board including two terms as president. I am running for delegate because I feel that it is important to have LGBTQ representation in the DC delegation especially as the LGBTQ community is under attack by the GOP and red states. I work hard on half of the candidates that I support and feel the President Biden has been an excellent president. We absolutely need him for another 4 years.

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IMG_1314 - Sumayya Lane.jpeg

Sumayya Lane

As a voting member of the DC Democratic State Committee, I gained the confidence of the DC Federation of Democratic Women (DCFDW) to be their representative, and to carry out the duties of this official position. Past accomplishments include presentation of a position paper before Council- members, at the DCFDW Women in Blue event in support of fee reimbursement of birthing assistants for low income women through Medicaid; B-24-0026, Maternal Health Resources & Access Act of 2021.

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Irene Kang

As the DC Democratic Party's co-chair for the AAPI Caucus, I am running as a candidate for the PLEO delegate seat to bring more awareness and recognition of the AAPI community. The AAPI community and the voting bloc have reached a critical mass in the nation. AAPIs comprise just over 4% (22.1 million) of the nation’s registered voters but are among the fastest growing racial groups in America. We, in DC, need to recognize this important group and be able to activate and build capacity of this voting bloc to align with our Democratic principles. This is our opportunity to shine as the nation's capital.

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