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Congrats New 2022 Add-On Members!

IMG_9059 - Corina Garay.jpeg

Corina Garay, Ward 3

Skills: Fundraising, Event Planning, Communications, Political Organizing, Budgeting, Voter Education Initiatives, DC Statehood Organizing, 14+ years of finance and accounting experience.

I am skilled in accounting, business management, and event planning; experienced in political campaigns, OCF reporting, and I have served as Treasurer for a DC PAC.

0D6755D1-BFCB-4E86-AD1F-76FF7E64CB8D - Mario Cristaldo.jpeg

Mario Cristaldo, Ward 1

Skills: Political Organizing, Voter Education Initiatives, DC Statehood Organizing

I believe that my experience as an executive for nonprofits in areas of affordable housing, community development and organizing will help the DCDSC to better connect with low wage workers and immigrant communities in the District of Columbia.

IMG_9142 - Sheila Bunn.JPG

Sheila Bunn, Ward 8

Skills: Event Planning, Communications, Political Organizing, Budgeting, Voter Education Initiatives


I've not only financially supported the national and local Party over the years, but I've also done the work with our DC Party to educate and register voters and traveled to other states to lobby them to support our quest for Statehood. Over the last two years, I have worked for the Party by making calls into Georgia to get out the vote, assisting with and participating in planned activities of the Party, and donating money. I will continue to use my expertise in event planning and communications to support our Party’s engagement of District voters on important issues and policy discussions like protecting women’s reproductive rights, Initiative 82, and ranked-choice voting. I will help the Party continue its push for Statehood for the District of Columbia and use my political organizing skills to strengthen our relationship with untouched and new segments of the DC population.

BF0B9B38-D4A4-478C-84C5-0A198C9AD8E9 - Clay Rosenberg.jpeg

Clayton Rosenberg, Ward 8

Skills: Event Planning, Political Organizing, Budgeting, Voter Education Initiatives, DC Statehood Organizing

I am a well rounded person who has the ability to galvanize the entire party to create new innovative initiatives, to push the Democratic State Committee for DC agenda from now on on to the future.

thumbnail_IMG_6851 (1) - Howard Garrett.jpg

Howard Garrett, Ward 2

Skills: Communications, Political Organizing, Budgeting


Hello, my name is Howard Garrett, and I am interested in becoming a part of DCDSC. I have lived in DC for about a year in Ward 2, Shaw neighborhood. I am currently employed as a Contract with the DOD as a Real Estate Consultant where I oversee 6 Air Force base military housing daily operations. That includes budgeting, compliance, daily operations, maintenance, and forecast models. Before moving to DC, I lived in TN and was a part of the Williamson County Young Dems and Dem Party. I served on the executive committee in both organizations. I served as the Finance Chair, along as the Diversity Committee Chair. Additionally, I was on the executive board of the TN Young Dems, where I served as the District 7 Representative. My responsibilities were to engage voter turnout, be the liaison for the cities within my district to the State Party, along with updating the constituents regarding events and news that were happening. I believe that I am a right fit for this position because of my previous positions held. Communication needs to stay relevant as it is practical to reach every demographic. From social media to mailers, communication efforts must stay relevant and adequate to meet the need of the party and our community. Budgeting is also an essential portion of the committee. It is important to understand your spending, income, and previous trends in moving forward in making decisions. Overall, I want to be a part of moving the Party forward while also learning what's already in place that has made the Party essential to the DC committee.

2021 Headshot - Jennifer Blemur.JPG

Jennifer Blemur, Ward 5

Skills: Event Planning, Voter Education Initiatives, DC Statehood Organizing, Project management; policy and legislative analysis. 


As a current member of the State Committee, I’ve seen the tremendous work required to maintain a robust and active party. While listening and learning from seasoned members on the state committee, I’ve also been able to advocate for innovative approaches to civic engagement. If elected as an Add-On member, I will use my experience as the President of the DC Young Democrats, First Vice Chair of the Ward 5 Democrats, and as a leader in community organizations to bring new ideas and energy into the party. As President of DCYD, I have been able to sit on panels and present at the YDA Convention urging young people nationwide to call on their Congressmembers to act on statehood, raise money, and increase our profile. I also led us through the last three years of COVID, ensuring that we met our mandate to provide programming for young Democrats and support Democratic candidates.

Charter Day, 33rd, 50 year, E.Prov. - Samuel McCoy.jpg

Samuel McCoy, Ward 4

Skills: Fundraising, Event Planning, Communications, Political Organizing, 

Budgeting, Voter Education Initiatives, DC Statehood Organizing

I am a Native Washingtonian; o Graduate of DCPS; o Higher Education, B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.; o Retired U.S. Government Marine Scientist; Retired Senior Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy (R); Democratic DC Activist, i.e., Served on DC Commission on Aging advising three Mayors, Past Chairman Ward 4 Senior Advisory Committee, Past Secretary and Treasurer of DC Vote Board of Directors, Treasurer Ward 4 Mini-Commission on Aging; o Past Polemarch (President) of Washington (DC) Alumni Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.; o DC Hall of Fame for Science and Technology Recipient; Dunbar Alumni Federation Legend Awardee for Science.

Head shot - Barrie Daneker.jpg

Barrie Daneker, Ward 3

Skills: Event Planning, Political Organizing, Budgeting, DC Statehood Organizing, I would welcome the opportunity to serve as Treasurer again, if the committee will have me.


A life-long Democrat, Barrie Daneker has earned the reputation staunch leader and team member of the Democratic Party, both locally and nationally. His outstanding political acumen catapulted him into the local spotlight as a person people sought for advice and direction. His years of service as a respected ANC Commissioner (ANC5C) Barrie is an active member of the Ward 3 Democrats and the Capital Stonewall Democrats-- where he was elected as Treasurer for two terms. Additionally, Barrie was an officer of the Ward Five Democrats serving as Vice-Chair and Treasurer. From 2008-2014, he served as an Ex-Officio member and was elected in 2014 Committeeman At-Large; he served as the committee’s Treasurer and Finance Chair during that tenure. He demonstrates his commitment as a relentless worker for democratic principles and ideals. Barrie Daneker moved to the District in 2004, he holds a BA in Accounting and Finance from Marist College, NY; where he also worked for the Marist Poll. His professional career spans almost 40 years in Financial Services, working with several CEOs of the nation’s top banks. He also served under Secretary Donovan at HUD for almost 4 years where he automated their strategic planning processes by rolling out the eCon-Planning suite software. Currently, he is Deputy Asset Manager at DC Department of Housing and Community Development overseeing a $1.6B and growing affordable loan portfolio. Barrie’s experience working with DC based, small minority non-profits in producing and preserving affordable housing is substantially needed as the District faces a severe housing crisis; an issue he is passionate about. He would appreciate the opportunity to serve and work together with every member of the committee. He hopes to fill the open Treasurer’s position on the executive committee with your support.

45716E87-CA38-4B7E-B97E-200F204EB7A2 - Bernita Carmichael.jpeg

Bernita Carmichael, Ward 5 

Skills: Event Planning, Communications, Political Organizing, Budgeting, Voter Education Initiatives, DC Statehood Organizing


Hello DC Dems, Please consider me as an Add-on. I’ve served proudly over the years as a former At-Large DNC Delegate for Biden, Ward 5 Committeewoman, and political organizer. Continuously exercising my transferable skills to collaborate on various programs such as our virtual inauguration and in-person Unity Breakfast. It’s a joy lending a helping hand to keep our party strong, learn collectively, and most of all share resources to keep the Democratic Party Going. It’s a bright blue future to protect. Hope you’ll consider voting for me.

87D5451C-ABD4-48D5-B26D-4CE3830DEA02_1_102_o - cameron spells.jpeg

Camron Spells, Ward 6

Skills: Communications, Political Organizing, Voter Education Initiatives


As a new resident of DC and as a millennial voter, I feel that I will bring a fresh perspective to the DC democratic establishment. The democratic party is a party of coalition - and at a time when our democracy is under constant assault, it is so important that we ensure our message reaches the most distant members in our electorate. With DC voter participation down 6% in this midterm vs 2018, the time is now to prepare for 2024. I bring to DCDSC seven years of military experience, and 10 years of leadership & development experience. I've been spent my entire career in technology working to engineer solutions for complex problems and I will work tirelessly to bring that same vision to DCDSC.

Headshot DNC ADD ON - Purify Love.jpg

Tiffany Lancaster, Ward 7

Skills: Communications, Voter Education Initiatives, DC Statehood Organizing


I am running to become the next DC Democratic Add-On State Committe Member because I am extremely passionate about the protection of a fair Democracy and the protection of Fair Elections, and Voter Rights. I am a Servant Leader. Over the years, I have been an ANC Commissioner (Ward 8), Commissioner with the Mayor's Office of African Affairs (Current), and I am a liaison Ambassador to the United Nations. My experience is broad, yet I always try to stick to what my passions are. My passions include, but are not limited to, advocating for children rights, troubled youth, marginalized populations, LATINX Community, African Community, the LBGTQIA+ Community, Bridging the gap between Elders & the upcoming generations, Youth Voter Retention, International Affairs, Art/Artist Advocacy, Wage increases, GOTV, Grassroot Efforts, Testifying before Council, & PR/Social Media Saturation. I have sat on several boards including, The Ward 8 Democrats (PR Chair), DCDWC (DC Democratic Women's Club) - Legislative Chair, PR Committee, & Artist-In-Residence, DCFDW (DC Federation of Democratic Women) - 2nd Vice President (The first youngest woman ever to win this seat), WPA (Washington Performing Arts) - PR Team, Philanthropy & Fundraising, & the Nominating & Governance Team, "The Clarion Call INC" - Advocating for parents & their children to steer young black boys away from the "Cradle-To-Prison Pipeline," Project Briggs Inc. Advocating for the rights of LBGTQIA+ in DC's Urban areas, former Councilmember Brandon Todd's Advisory Board (3 Boards) Including - Ward 4 Young Professionals Board, Ward 4 African Advisory Board, & Ward 4 Arts, Humanities & Creative Economy Advisory Board. I was a Democratic Precinct Captain (Precent 126 - Ward 8). I was also the Grassroots & Fundraising (Ward 8) DC Campaign Chair for Re- Elect DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (2017), and a Ward 7 Poll Leader for Team Re-Elect Muriel Bowser (2022). Awards I have received, "Councilwoman Anita Bonds ANC Excellence Award," Councilmember Trayon White special "Community Service Award for ANC & Outreach," Mayor Muriel Bowser's top Writing Art Award for "Poetry & Humanitarianism," "National Poetry Award" for Humanitarianism, "DDEA AWARD" top West African Award for International humanitarianism, the Petey Green "Black Wall Street Award," for contributions towards building up & promoting #Black Economy, Sister4Sister Inc Trailblazer Award for my contributions to women Empowerment using Poetry, & Empowerment Speaking, UPO (United Planning Organization) Service Award for my dedication in community outreach and grassroots efforts to bring resources to marginalized communities. I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls and a wife of a husband that supports all of my political endeavors. Everything I do is dedicated to those that have gone before me, and I pass this to those that are now, and next, to continue to protect our Democracy and Democratic Legacy.

Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 8.38.32 PM.png

Vanessa Lopez, Ward 3

Skills: Event Planning, Communications, Political Organizing


My passion to serve makes me a great candidate for DCDSC. With this passion I want to ensure statehood for DC, so DC residents’ rights are never revoked or unfairly modified because we are not a state. Plus, my organizing and coalition building skills will create even more momentum for DC statehood.

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