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Candidates for District-Level Delegate

Candidates for Biden District 1 Delegates
(Wards 1, 2, 6, and 8)

IMG_1357 - Henry Marks.jpeg

Henry Marks

As an 18-year-old who grew up in Ward 6 attending DC Public Schools, I’ve testified at the DC Council on gun violence, interned at the Office of the Attorney General, and served as a student advisor to the DCPS Chancellor and on my high school’s Local School Advisory Team. I’m grateful for these opportunities to serve the District and add my perspective as a DC native to important conversations. I’ve also volunteered to help elect Democrats locally and nationally, but I know how few other people my age are helping build the party. We're at risk of losing touch with the very voters who represent both our party’s and our nation’s future. It's not enough to worry about this disconnection; we need to actively bridge the gap and listen to young people’s concerns. By electing me as a Delegate to the 2024 National Convention, DC Democrats will signal a genuine commitment to youth voices and the work we must do together to ensure the Democratic Party remains committed to progress, inclusion, and electoral success for generations to come.

Dr. Roache' headshot - Moni Lou.jpg
Dr. Roache' headshot - Moni Lou.jpg

Monica Roache’

I am a fifth-generation Washingtonian and public school Administrator who currently serves as an At Large Committeewoman on the DC Democratic State Committee. Currently, I serve as the Corresponding Secretary for the DC Democratic Party and the Vice Chair of the Ward 2 Democrats. My political service to the Nation’s Capital also includes serving as a former two-term elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. In 2020, I was elected as a Delegate for the Biden/Harris campaign at the Democratic National Convention. I strive to support the most vulnerable sectors of our community and our Nation and I am a staunch supporter of voter rights. As an educator for over 25 years, I am committed to meeting the educational equity needs of children across this country. If elected to participate, I will make it my priority to ensure that educational equity is a goal for the country’s next Democratic administration.

Espinosa Sergio Picture - Sergio Espinosa.jpg
Espinosa Sergio Picture - Sergio Espinosa.jpg

Sergio Espinosa

I ask for your support to be a district-level delegate from the District of Columbia pledged to U.S. President Joe Biden for the 2024 Democratic National Convention. I am a lifelong Democrat who has committed his professional and personal life to helping others and upholding the promise that all Americans, regardless of their background, are treated fairly, have an opportunity to succeed, and live with dignity. In the beginning of my professional life, I was a social studies teacher for five years, working with inner city and immigrant students, while earning a Master’s degree in secondary education at night. After leaving the classroom, I worked on Capitol Hill as a congressional staffer for two House Democrats, focusing on economic opportunity and equal rights for historically underrepresented communities. Today, I am with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), where I advocate for the rights of DC residents and all working Americans to earn a living wage, have access to affordable health care and a secure retirement, and provide their children with the best opportunity to succeed. I am also a member of IBEW Local 1900, which represents electrical workers in Washington, DC. I am a longtime resident of Ward One.

Headshot Photo - John Fanning.jpg
Headshot Photo - John Fanning.jpg

John Fanning

John is a longtime resident of the District of Columbia and has spent most of his life in public service. John was appointed to work in Councilmember Bonds office in February 2022, and currently serves as the Director of Constituent Services. John began his political activities when he was elected in 1992 to Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C and elected again to ANC 2F in 2012-2021, also serving as the Chair of the Commission. John was appointed to the Barry Administration in 1994, serving as the Ward 2 Liaison in the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services. He was re-appointed to this position during the Williams, Gray and Bowser Administrations. 


John was elected in 2016 as a District of Columbia, Delegate to the National Democratic Convention, Philadelphia, PA. He was elected to the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee as the Ward 2 Committeeman for two consecutive terms 2018-2022. John has been an active member the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club - Capital Stonewall Democrats since 1992. 


I’m running for Delegate to represent DC residents and the DC Democratic Party. This is the most consequential Presidential election of our lifetime. Our democracy and individual freedoms are in jeopardy, and we must not go back to the chaos of the past. Offering me the opportunity to be elected a District Delegate will allow me to develop a partnership with the Biden-Harris Campaign and with other elected State Delegates to the Convention, especially those in swing states. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting individuals out to the polls to vote. Thank you for your consideration and vote.

Headshot Photo - John Fanning.jpg
IMG_7587 - Dr. E Gail Anderson Holness.jpeg

Dr. E. Gail Anderson Holness

I have been an active participant in the DC Democratic process. I presently serve as the Chairperson of Ward One Dems, former Chairperson of ANC 1B, former President of the DC Democratic Women's Club. I am and will continue to be a strong advocate for DC Statehood which is a priority as we connect with other states that will have an impact on the outcome for DC Statehood. I am a graduate of Howard University School of law and Divinity; Pastor, Adams Inspirational AME Church - Washington Annual Conference.

profile1 - David Meadows.jpg
profile1 - David Meadows.jpg

David Meadows

I have spent 30 years fighting for Democratic values in DC. I have served as Executive Director of the DC Democratic Party, President of the Ward 6 Democrats and Capital Stonewall LGBTQ Democrats, and currently serve as Ward 8 Democratic Committeeman, where I continue working with a diverse group of DC residents to advance Democratic ideas and support for DC Statehood. We must all #RESIST the hate and fear promoted by Trump and the Republican Party. I support President Joe Biden and his policies that protect the rights of women, immigrants, seniors, and organized labor unions. We must re-elect Biden/Harris to save our democracy and continue our nation moving forward toward true justice and equality for ALL peoples. I respectfully ask for your vote.

hewitt headshot3 - Amber Hewitt.jpg
hewitt headshot3 - Amber Hewitt.jpg

Amber Hewitt

It would be an honor to serve as a Delegate for the 2024 Democratic National Convention. I am passionate about upholding the values of the Democratic process and take seriously my responsibility in helping to form a more perfect union. I believe that my dedication to social justice issues and my ability to collaborate with others and communicate effectively make me a strong candidate to represent my fellow Democrats at conventions. I am committed to working toward a more inclusive and equitable society, and I see this opportunity to contribute to that vision on a larger scale.

TDP_headshot_2024 - Troy Donte'.jpg
TDP_headshot_2024 - Troy Donte'.jpg

Troy Prestwood

Troy Donté Prestwood is vying to serve as a DC Delegate to the 2024 Democratic National Convention. Propelled by his extensive service and leadership within the DC Democratic Party, Troy is ready to fight for DC values while renominating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the Democratic ticket. As a fourth-generation Washingtonian, Troy's commitment to the District runs deep. He is a three-term president of the Ward 8 Democrats, spearheading new investments in voter outreach and education. Additionally, he served three terms as chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A, advancing equitable development, bolstering public education, and combating poverty. He also served the District in AmeriCorps. Recognized as an authority on issues ranging from politics to culture to public safety, Troy's insights have garnered attention from both local and national media outlets. His educational journey is quintessentially DC, having attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Howard University, and American University. Troy believes the challenges we’re facing as a nation demand steady and forward-looking leadership. Citing Biden and Harris's record of success, including the Build Back Better bill, job creation, bipartisan infrastructure initiatives, student loan forgiveness and more, he emphasizes the need to continue their progress in the White House while fighting to make the District the 51st state.

20220207-heat-wiz-gosling-0691x - Deborah Wells.JPG
20220207-heat-wiz-gosling-0691x - Deborah Wells.JPG

Deborah Wells

I am running to be a delegate to support the DC Democratic Party in its mission to ensure that our city have the representation that is a true reflection of our Nations Capitol. I hope that my voice will echo the hopes and concerns of the outcast and marginalized communities. As a Delegate, I will stand in solidarity with my city as we fight for much needed Statehood. It is imparative that President Joe Biden keep his residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., therefore I am committed and ready to fight the good fight to make certain that happens.

IMG_0529 - Rasheedah Hasan.jpeg
IMG_2918 - Dejah Desiree Williams.jpeg

Dejah Williams

Having served as a Maryland Delegate for Biden in 2020, I'm resolute in my commitment to advancing vital causes. As a 30-year-old African-American woman, my perspective aligns with the urgent need for DC statehood, a cause that transcends mere policy—it's about ensuring representation for all Americans. The importance of DC statehood goes hand in hand with my dedication to the labor movement. Recognizing the pivotal role workers play in our society, I aim to champion their rights and amplify their voices. The unfinished work of the first term calls for steadfast commitment to these ideals.

IMG_0529 - Rasheedah Hasan.jpeg
3D3C8939-10D4-47C7-BF9D-DB293A01EE42 - trezell ragas.heic

Trezell Ragas

As a young Black woman living in Ward 8, I am deeply committed to elevating the voices and concerns of my community on a national platform. My experience as an enthusiast of law and politics has honed my ability to articulate the needs and aspirations of marginalized communities, ensuring their stories are not only heard but acted upon. I seek to be a Delegate for the 2024 Democratic National Convention to bridge the gap between national politics and the grassroots realities of Ward 8 residents. This role offers a critical opportunity to advocate for policies that directly address the systemic inequities affecting my community, including economic disparities, access to quality education, and healthcare. My deep understanding of the democratic process, combined with my passion for social justice, positions me uniquely to represent Ward 8 effectively. I aim to harness this platform to foster greater political involvement and empower my community to shape the policies that impact their lives. By being at the convention, I can ensure that our voices are an integral part of the Democratic Party's agenda, driving meaningful change not just for Ward 8 but for similar communities nationwide.

IMG_0529 - Rasheedah Hasan.jpeg

Rico Dancy

Hi, my name is Rico Dancy. I’m running for District- Level Delegate as a lifetime Democrat who has spent the last 20 years advocating for the deaf and hard of hearing community. I believe together we can make a difference and I want to be the voice for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Thank you for your vote and your support. 

Uncommitted Candidates District 1 Delegates
(Wards 1, 2, 6, 8)

IMG_1698 - Paul Spires.jpeg

Paul Spires

Paul Spires is a third generation native Washingtonian who has lived for youth advocacy, educational and vocational opportunities, equity equality rights, community development, trauma services, and cultural diplomacy. Paul is the Chairman of the 6A Community Outreach Committee in Ward 6, the largest Ward in the District of Columbia, his efforts to prevent violence in DC he facilitates hands-on programming in across the city. Paul Spires is a seasoned yet “fresh face” for the Democratic Party in Washington DC. He presents himself in a extraordinary manner in collaborations with the DCYD. Paul would like to represent the Nation’s Capital in the best way!

Jeff Cruz head pic.jpg

Jeff Cruz

Thank you for considering voting for me as a delegate for the 2024 Democratic Convention. If selected, I will do my best to fight for a more progressive and humane America.


Joan Kato 

From January 6th to the affordable housing to the War in Gaza, it has never been more important for the President and the Democratic Party to represent the people. I want to be a Delegate because I want to be that voice. I believe that as delegates we can help make the Democratic Party more representative and inclusive of all Democrats and democratic issues. I have been a DC resident for over 20 years. I understand the struggles of those who live here—from the increasing crime to the lack of green spaces to the soaring cost of rent to our downtown that never recovered from the pandemic. As a woman of color, a DC resident, and a Democrat, I am committed to representing my community.

82084712_1012716545779119_863315450430226432_n - Jacob Goodman.jpg

Jacob Goodman

With 2024 being such a pivotal moment in the country’s history, taking on the role as a delegate feels like a small way that I could contribute. As a person who has worked to support people with disabilities, while also struggling with my own, I would hope to bring my unique perspective to the convention to ensure that those issues are being heard.

Candidates for Biden District 2 Delegates
(Wards 3, 4, 5, and 7)

IMGL9931 - L Jeannette Mobley.jpeg

L Jeannette Mobley

I humbly submit my statement of candidacy for district-level delegate to the 2024 Democratic National Convention. As a Ward 5 lifelong community and political activist, I look forward to having the privilege of representing the State Party and my beloved city. One of the highlights of my life is when I along with my fellow delegates placed Barack Obama’s name into nomination as a 2012 delegate. I pledge to the party’s preference for its presidential candidate and want to help elect our party’s nominee and adopt the party’s platform and rules for all party activities. My work promoting democratic principles and candidates is well known across the city. I am a twice elected President of the DC Democratic Women’s Club, Past Chair of the Ward 5 Democratic Committee, former elected DCDCW Representative to the State Party, former elected Ex-Officio Member to the State Party, Supporter and Advocate for DC Statehood and played key roles in local mayoral and council races. I was also a member of Women for Biden and an official fundraiser in 2020. I am a recipient of President’s Biden 2022 Volunteer Service Award and inducted into the 2020 DC Hall of Fame for my political activism.


Charles Gaither

My name is Charles Gaither and I am running to become a Delegate to The Democratic National Convention in Chicago this August and am asking for your vote on Saturday, April 20th at The Washington DC Convention Center to represent the residents of District 2 (Wards 3, 4, 5 & 7). I am a native Washingtonian, a DC public high school and University of The District of Columbia graduate and a resident of Brightwood in Ward 4 and am fully committed to re-electing President Joe Biden in 2024 I have served the local Democratic Party for more than 30 years and see this as an opportunity to meet with Democrats throughout the nation and to educate those persons on the lack of autonomy that District residents have when it comes to managing our city. With your vote I will continue to advocate for the interests that remain important to District residents which include but not necessarily limited to self-determination, continued logical and reasonable investments in public safety, mental illness awareness programs, education and other vital social services that are necessary for our friends, neighbors and fellow Democrats. Thank you

Phil Thomas Headshot - Phil Thomas.jpg

Phil Thomas

Phil Thomas is a fourth-generation Washingtonian who grew up in both Washington, DC and Lexington, KY. I have served as an ANC Commissioner, President of the Federation of Citizens Association, Chair of the Ward 3 Democrats, and Chair of Chairs for the DC Democratic Party. I currently serve as a Mayor's appointee in her Executive cabinet. I have deep roots in supporting and campaigning for democratic candidates locally and nationally.

Christine_W (2) - Christine Warnke.jpg

Christine Warnke

Hello, my fellow DC Democrats. I am so proud of our city. I am asking for your vote. I am running to become a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago this August. I ask you to vote at the Washington Convention Center on April 20, 2024. I would be so proud to represent the residents of District 2 (Wards 3, 4, 5, and 7). For over 35 years, I have dedicated my life to serving the National and DC Democratic parties in various capacities. My unwavering commitment is evident in my steadfast attendance at every Democratic Convention since 1988. I am proud to be part of a national effort to organize Ethnic Women United for Biden Harris. I firmly believe in our ability to bridge our differences and create a platform where diverse voices can be heard, respected, and acted upon. I served in several delegate capacities, including as a Superdelegate representing the national ethnic American community. In this role, I worked and collaborated with our own DC Democratic party at the Boston and Denver Conventions. 2012 I served as a Party Leader delegate in Charlotte, North Carolina. In Philadelphia, in 2016, I served as a Convention volunteer. More recently, in 2020, I was elected as a Biden delegate in our Nation’s Capital. Thank you and hope you will vote for me and my incredible slate - DEMOCRATS MOVING FORWARD - RIDING WITH BIDEN.

Maria Patricia Corrales - Victoria Elizabeth Oliva.png

Maria Patricia Corrales

My name is Maria Patricia Corrales, a proud Ecuadorian that migrated to the District of Columbia in 1981. I have made DC my home, I started a family here and became apart of the beautifully supportive community. I am privileged to be a Latina business owner that has worked in the District for the past 30 years. Im also proud to be the president of the largest cultural event in the DMV area, Fiesta DC, for the past 12 years. Apart from my business and outreach background, I have also been involved in politics in the District of Columbia since the 80’s, during many administrations. Most importantly, I had the great pleasure of being a delegate for former president Barack Obama in 2008, which was an absolutely amazing experience. As one of the strongest leaders in the DC Latino community, I must say our voices are powerful and many. They can change the outcome of an election, Latinos are predicted to be 14.7% of voters this November. It’s time we make a difference, not just in our community, but in our nation. With that being said, I would be extremely honored to be a delegate for this upcoming 2024 Democratic Elections.

Ebony-30 - Ebony Payne.jpg

Ebony Payne

It would be a profound honor to serve as a Ward 7 delegate and cast my vote for President Joe Biden at the 2024 Democratic National Convention. I am a third generation Washingtonian and currently serving as the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for Kingman Park, where I grew up. It would bring me immense pride and joy to represent my community and all of Ward 7 in Chicago. I have an unwavering commitment to supporting President Biden for a second term. I have seen DC go through many changes, both good and bad. However, the Trump years were some of the worst and I do not wish to relive them. I know personally how hard campaigning is and I believe it is very important to support our President during his bid for reelection. Having dedicated much of my life to public service, I respect and admire President Biden for his service to our country. Washington DC deserves a delegate who has total confidence in President Biden, which I do. It would be a profound privilege to represent Washington DC and show the country that we have Biden’s back.

Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 10.10.43 AM.png

Nathaniel Heller

As a life long DC democrat I think this would be an amazing opportunity for me to go and cast my vote to help protect and honor our democracy that is vulnerable right now. As a current student at George Washington University, I have seen how important casting your vote is and how important being politically active is and I would love to be a part of that. It is important to cast my vote to protect democracy because I have seen what President Biden has done to protect it and I have seen what Donald Trump has done and will do to destroy it.

IMG_0137 - Hazel Thomas.jpeg

Hazel Thomas

My primary reason for wanting to be a delegate is to do my utmost to elect Joe Biden as President of the United States. I strongly believe that Biden has earned an opportunity to finish the great work he began in his first term. In addition, to his great strides to end the pandemic, re-energize the economy, lower unemployment and provide student loan forgiveness, Biden is the candidate who will preserve democracy and steer this country away from extremism and autocracy. I also want to be a vocal advocate for DC statehood. I look forward to intersecting with various state delegations and promoting DC statehood. Even in 2024, many elected officials and their staffs are oblivious to the adverse impact that the lack of statehood has in the residents of the District of Columbia. They don’t realize that DC functions as a city state and that we are a jurisdiction of people and families - not just concrete monuments. I have worked with public relations in four previous National Democratic Conventions and I would like to be even more effective by sharing my experience and expertise as a statehood delegate for the people of Washington.

IMG_9059 - Corina Garay.jpeg

Corina Garay

I am honored to declare my candidacy to serve as a delegate for Joe Biden at the upcoming convention and represent my hometown, DC. As a DC native, lifelong advocate for progressive values and a staunch supporter of President Biden’s vision for our nation, I am committed to representing our party and city with integrity, passion, and dedication. I served on the board for the DC Young Democrats as Treasurer and I am currently an active member of the DC Democratic State Committee as a committeewoman. If selected as a delegate, I will work tirelessly to ensure that our voices are heard and our DC values are represented at the convention. I am eager to collaborate with fellow delegates, listen to diverse perspectives, and advocate for the policies that will move our country forward. Thank you for considering my candidacy. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as a delegate for Joe Biden and to contribute to the success of our party’s mission.

20190205-monika-nemeth-washington-dc-usa-00045_40028833903_o - Monika Nemeth.jpg

Monika Nemeth

I was a Biden delegate at the 2020 DNC Convention. I have been an active member of the DC State Committee. I am on the Board of Capital Stonewall Democrats currently as VP for Administration though I have served in various capacities on the Board including two terms as president. I am running for delegate because I feel that it is important to have LGBTQ representation in the DC delegation especially as the LGBTQ community is under attack by the GOP and red states. I work hard on half of the candidates that I support and feel the President Biden has been an excellent president. We absolutely need him for another 4 years.

GarryJustice 4 - Tommy Thomas.jpeg

Harry Thomas

As a life long democrat Chairman of Ward 5 Democratic committee and former young democrat and returning citizen I understand fully what’s at stake if we don’t return Biden and Harris to the White House to fight for those who are being marginalized in our country and I want to be fully engaged to unsure the marginalized in our country are represented and vote Biden Harris 2024

Jimmie W headshot 2024 - Jimmie Williams.jpeg

Jimmie Williams

I want to become a delegate and represent the District of Columbia at the 2024 US Democratic National Convention because I strongly believe in and support Democratic values and the empowerment and support of DC’s full and rightful place and voice in the political process. As a former chair of the Ward 7 Democrats and a current Ward 7 Democratic Committeeman, I have been active in my Ward and with the DC Democratic party. I believe in representing DC Democratic voters who live in the ‘state’ that DC should become. I believe in the process and support the nomination of the presidential candidate who recognizes and supports DC’s residents and our place in the nation’s democracy. As a community leader living in Ward 7, our voices should be held, and our needs should be addressed through advocacy, the political process, and becoming an integral and active part of the patchwork of leaders that makes the DC delegation.

F. Afanador Portrait_Original - Felipe Afanador.jpeg

Felipe Afanador

In 2020, I had the pleasure of working to elect Joe Biden in a volunteer capacity through the primaries, as a delegate to the virtual DNC, and as an organizer in Pennsylvania. I worked non-stop because I knew that our country was at a pivotal moment and that only by working to elect the Biden-Harris ticket, could we move beyond the Covid-19 pandemic and start to make the transformational change our country needs. Currently, as part of the Biden Administration, I have witnessed some of the remarkable work that we’ve been able to start to achieve, in thanks to Mr. Biden’s presidency and our Democratic members of Congress. Our task is not done - there is more implementation that needs to happen, and more work that has to take place to ensure that the U.S. remains the inclusive country my family immigrated to over two decades ago. I’m running to be a delegate to the 2024 DNC to make sure we finish the job, and we don’t turn our backs on combatting the climate crisis, preserving our democracy, and working for a President that recognizes the worth of the working class and that ceaselessly strives for a burgeoning middle class.

IMG_0440 - Melissa Irby.jpeg

Melissa Irby

I have supported the Democratic Party since before I could vote by volunteering in a phone banking campaign. Since then I have been a fierce advocate for this party through actions, not just words. I have lead postcard campaigns, organized my political clubs to join texting and phone banking efforts. Electioneered, worked numerous political campaigns and have knocked on many, many doors discussing the issues and encouraging my fellow citizens to vote. I believe we live very serious times and as a delegate, I will support the Democratic Ticket for President and Vice President at the DNC Convention.

Screen Shot 2024-03-29 at 9.59.45 AM.png

David Donaldson

Washington, DC Democratic Party Committee Members, I am announcing my candidacy as an At-Large Delegate to the National Democratic Party Convention In Chicago, Illinois held on August 19, 2024 at the United Center. Over the past 14 years as an At-Large Committeeman, I have engaged with all DC Wards in committee activities and community projects. As a veteran I have worked with other veterans, but also have been active with Environmental concerns, homeless issues, statehood goals and voter education and outreach efforts. I have included the specific needs of Pacific Island peoples, LGBTQ, Hispanic people and Black Lives Matter. My family could not afford college and so I enlisted in the US Army after high school. We were at war with Viet Nam and I was soon to be drafted. I went to Army Flight School after graduating and served two terms until my discharge four years later. I attended the College of William and Mary and graduated from Kean University under the GI Bill. Later I would take a career position in business and IT. While at Kean College It was an honor to be elected president of the student body. This was an inspiring experience where I gained experience and was invigorated to participate in community service. I felt I could do good work and make a difference. I love solving problems and being with other people. After moving to DC from Maryland I became active with DC politics and have worked on election committees with Mary Cheh, Vince Gray, Anita Bonds and Muriel Bowser. Being a member of the State Committee allowed me to work full time for the people and party of DC. While this is an elected post it is a volunteer position. I have run four times successfully and was elected as a convention delegate during the pandemic. After 14 years serving as an At-large member of the DC State Committee I am asking you, the DC Democratic party voters, to elect, Dave Donaldson, At-Large Delegate to represent our party and our District of Columbia at the Democratic National Convention. Thank you, Dave Donaldson (Ride’n with Biden) At-Large Committeeman Washington, DC 20008

DSC00054 - Christopher Melton.jpeg

Christopher Melton

I was a delegate in 2016 and would like to help represent my adopted home at this pivotal moment.

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