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Candidates for Biden District 1 Delegates


Elizabeth Engel (#Ready4Joe)

Why vote for me?


I’ve lived in DC for 23 years, the vast majority of them in Near Northeast. I’m invested in the political life of DC, as Second Vice President of the Ward 6 Democrats and a long-time DC Statehood activist. I’m invested in my community, as a long-time volunteer at the Capitol Area Food Bank and as a board member and tutor with Reading Partners, an early literacy intervention nonprofit. I’m a small business owner, having founded my own nonprofit membership association membership strategy consulting firm in 2012. I’m #Ready4Joe because Joe is an experienced, steady, compassionate leader who believes in science, listens to experts, and stands strong for the issues that matter to me and my community: DC statehood, ending gun violence, ending violence against women, combatting climate change, reducing economic inequality, pursuing racial equity and criminal justice reform, promoting LGBTQ equality, and protecting a woman’s right to choose.

Bio Picture CT.jpg

Charles Thornton (We Wont Mute Our DC Vote #Biden)

Native Washingtonian Board Chair Corrections Information Council Special Assistant DC Office of Human Rights Senior Adviser Democratic Caucus for Returning Citizens National Criminal Justice Reform Advocate Licensed Stationary Steam Engineer, Licensed Real Estate Agent National Certified Vocational Trainer and Recovery Support Peer Specialist.

I am running for delegate to bring awareness to and remain steadfast on making sure criminal justice reform is not muted from the national political platform.  

Today, and for the past 30 years I have dedicated my life to the uplifting of Returning Citizens, no place can be called a community until all its citizens voices are herd. I will do all that I can to make sure the voices of Returning Citizens are herd and are a part of the political platform.  

I am asking for your vote for Delegate to ensure that our voices are not muted, With your help, our DC voices will be heard! #Biden  


Hansen Mak (#Ready4Joe)

Hansen Mak is a resident of Ward 2 where he has happily lived for the past 8 years. He is a disabled LBGTQ veteran and has continued his public service in the national security and foreign policy community. He has been an advocate of helping under-represented and minority demographics in realizing their true potential and opportunities to serve the nation. In 2019, New America named him as an "Asian American Pacific Islander Next Generation National Security and Foreign Policy Leader". You may have also seen him around the city promoting a healthy and fit DC during his free time. He is "fired up" and #Ready4Joe!


Andrew L. Gerst (DC Democrats for Biden)

I am running to be a delegate from the District of Columbia for Joe Biden because I believe strongly that Joe Biden will bring dignity, honor, character, competence and compassion back to the White House.  Joe Biden served extremely admirably as President Obama’s Vice-President and he will be a great President of the United States.  As a long-time District resident and registered Democrat, I share Joe Biden’s vision for America.  I am an attorney and have worked for the D.C. Government in a variety of capacities for approximately 17 years.  I also served as a precinct captain for President Obama’s primary campaign in D.C. in 2008 and worked for the Democratic Party in Virginia in the 2008, 2012 and 2018 general elections.  I have supported Joe Biden’s presidential campaign since day one and would like to represent him at the national convention as a delegate from D.C. 

t. blaise springfield.jpg

Thaxton Blaise Springfield (No Malarkey Democrats)

Thaxton Blaise Springfield is a young Democrat, member of the LGBTQ+ community, individual living with disabilities, patient advocate, and all-around health policy nerd.  Currently, the Special Assistant to the Associate Dean for Research Development at Georgetown University Medical Center and a Special Volunteer with the Georgetown University Health Justice Alliance, Blaise’s work focuses on increasing healthcare affordability and equity for all people living in the District and across the country.  Blaise is a graduate of the College of William & Mary and–after having to navigate several health challenges himself–earned a master’s in Health Policy from GW.  He and his partner, Bryan, live in Ward 1 where they try to perfect the chocolate chip cookie and frequently debate the merits of the latest Netflix original series in their free time. 


Andrew McCarthy-Clark

It is time to fight for an authentic, public servant to inhabit the Oval Office. With his extensive experience and dedication, Joe Biden is our best candidate to beat Donald Trump. After his successful vice presidency and continuing role in advancing policy, I am proud to see the Biden Administration support transgender rights, boosting pay for teachers, taxing carbon emissions, a national firearms registry, and a $1.7 trillion climate plan.


As a Southwest DC resident, American University staff member, member of the LGBTQ+ community, and President of the DC State Fair, I want to represent my fellow Washingtonians and bring a sense of pride for our most prominent neighbor.


Let's put the Bidens in the White House. I appreciate your vote for DC DNC Delegate.


Don Dinan (DC Democrats for Biden)

I am running to be a Democratic Delegate for Joe Biden in order to support his quest to defeat Donald Trump, and to expand the rights of the District of Columbia, including Statehood.



I have served on the Democratic State Committee since 1992 and was its General

Counsel for 20 years.  I Chaired the Committee that wrote the DC Delegate Selection Plan for the conventions from 2000 to 2016 and I served in the Electoral College in 2012, supporting Barak Obama.   I want to bring this experience and dedication to Milwaukee to nominate Joe Biden.


It is essential that Trump be defeated so we can end this national nightmare and save our country and our democracy.  Joe will fight for health care, to eliminate inequality, and to protect our earth.  Joe will restore our reputation and leadership in the word.  WE WILL WIN with JOE.

Head Shots (1 of 4).jpg

Donna Scheeder (DC Democrats for Biden)

All of us know that it is time to act. Decency, integrity and fairness for all must be restored to the Oval Office. Health care, education and social justice cannot wait. DC has been insulted, devalued and shortchanged by those who seek to deny us voting rights and funding we deserve.  Joining together to elect Joe Biden will provide the leadership necessary to bring us together as a country . As a delegate for Biden I pledge to:

  • Use my experience as former DC Democratic State Committee member and Vice Chair to get every vote out for Biden in November

  • Promote the cause of District statehood and  enlist more Democrats from around the country in support

As a retired public servant, I have the time, the passion and the knowledge to do this work and I ask for your support . Please vote. Our futures depend on it.


Brian Romanowski (No Malarky Democrats)

Brian Romanowski (No Malarkey Democrats) moved to DC 12 years ago to attend George Washington University. He fell in love with DC’s diverse, progressive culture and knew he was home. He got his start in politics in his native NJ, knocking on doors for Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s 2008 campaign before he could even vote. Since then he’s worked for the national Democratic Party and for Democratic candidates on every level of the ballot.


In his free time, he fosters dogs through City Dogs Rescue, serves on the board of the Logan Circle Community Association and serves as an appointed commissioner on Mayor Bowser’s Recreational Trails Advisory Committee. He is a passionate advocate for safer and cleaner streets, trails and parks around DC and has never met a pothole he didn’t submit a 311 request to have filled. A proud member of the LGBTQ+ family, he credits the DC community for allowing him to live an open, happy, queer life.

biden pic.jpg

Will Pierce (#Ready4Joe)

I am a Army Veteran and Purple Heart Receipt who had the privilege of traveling with Vice-President Biden as his Advance Associate in the White House. After that, I served as the Founder/ National Executive Director of the Draft Biden 2016 Super PAC where we organized over 700,00 Biden supporters nationwide! I now run a Political Consulting firm and know that Joe is ready from day one to serve Veterans and Working Families!

Dorinda .PNG

Dorinda "Rindi" White (#Ready4Joe)


I have been active in Ward 6 political circles for many years. As a former Communications Director/Senior Legislative Aide to a member of the US Congress, I learned firsthand how our government works. I am a public servant in the public health sector where I strive everyday to make a difference in the lives of District residents. As the 1st VP of the Ward 6 Democrats and a Committeewoman on the DC Democratic Party, I've rolled up my sleeves and volunteered in many capacities. I am a graduate of the Women's Campaign School at Yale University and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute Boot Camp where I am now able to use what I learned to teach others how to be a servant leader in politics. Today, I serve as the President of the DC Federation of Democratic Women, where I join with other politically active DC women to ensure that we are at the table when decisions are being made about our families and communities. When we all vote, we can make certain that Joe wins! That's why I am #Ready4Joe!


Brandon Frye (#DC4Biden)

Brandon Frye, is an educator, native Washingtonian and youth mentor who serves as the Treasurer for the DC Democratic State Committee. His experience working with youth in the community has made him a strong advocate for funding youth programs in the city.  Brandon is planning to begin doctoral studies where he will further research ways to address racial and socioeconomic inequities in our nation’s educational system. 

As a longtime Ward 2 resident, Brandon has worked in the community leveraging his teaching experience to ensure equity for all students in Washington, D.C. Currently, Brandon serves as the Co-Chair of the Voter Outreach and Registration Committee for the D.C Democratic State Committee and feels that effective voter mobilization and registration are key for Joe Biden in the presidential election.

SAE Picture Head.jpg

Sergio Alberto Espinosa III (No Malarkey Democrats)

Sergio Espinosa asks for your support in representing Washington, DC’s District 1 as a pledged
delegate for Vice President Joe Biden at the 2020 Democratic National Convention.
A lifelong Democrat, Sergio has committed his professional and personal life to helping others
and upholding the promise that all Americans, regardless of their background, are treated fairly,
have an opportunity to succeed, and live with dignity. Sergio was a social studies teacher for
five years, working with inner city and immigrant students, while earning a Master’s degree in
secondary education at night. After leaving the classroom, he served on Capitol Hill as a
congressional staffer for two House Democrats, focusing on economic opportunity and equal
rights for historically underrepresented communities. Today, Sergio works at the International
Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) where he advocates for the rights of working
Americans to earn a living wage, have access to affordable health care and a secure retirement,
and provide their children with the best opportunity to succeed.
Sergio is a longtime resident of Ward One.

monica head shot.jpg

Monica L. Roache (#DC4Biden)

Dr. Monica Roaché, a fifth generation Washingtonian, is a public-school Administrator who currently serves as an At Large Committeewoman on DC Democratic State Committee. Dr. Roaché’s political service to the Nation’s Capital, also includes serving as a former two term elected Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner.  Dr. Roaché strives to support the most vulnerable sectors of our community and our Nation and is a staunch supporter of voter rights.  She strongly believes in bringing an end to voter suppression activities wherever they may exist.  As a native Washingtonian, Dr. Roaché has seen the transformation of her beloved DC and has fought tirelessly to ensure that residents in the District of Columbia have access to quality healthcare, affordable housing, and achieve the fair representation they deserve, through the granting, one day, of DC Statehood.  Dr. Roaché remains an advocate for access to quality education for students of diverse backgrounds and hopes to be one of the delegates selected to participate in this year’s Democratic convention.  Dr. Roaché hopes that she and other worthy DC delegates elected to participate in the upcoming Convention, will be able to help ensure several key initiatives are part of the political platform for Democrats in the 2020 election.  Dr. Roaché knows how deeply Joe Biden and his wife Jill, an educator herself, value education and are committed to meeting the educational equity needs of children across this country.  If elected to participate, Dr. Roaché will make it her personal priority to make education a goal for the country’s next Democratic administration.

Headshot Square (1).jpg

Matt LaFortune (#Ready4Joe)

I'm #Ready4Joe because we need someone with the tenacity and experience to take the fight to President Trump this November. Joe Biden's dedication to rebuilding the soul of our country and long record of standing on the side of equality have inspired me and million of Americans throughout the course of this primary. Every time it looks like he’s been down or his campaign has seemingly been on the ropes, he has shown the ability to bounce back and appeal to the entire Democratic coalition while working to claim our party’s nomination. This year, I’m serving as the Political Advocacy Chair for the DC Young Democrats and helping to lead efforts to get out the vote in swing states with my neighbors in the Ward 6 Democrats. If you’re also ready for Joe, I hope you’ll support my candidacy to represent DC at the Democratic National Convention.  


Troy Donte Prestwood (#DC4Biden)

Troy Donté Prestwood is the president of the Ward 8 Democrats and current three-term chair of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8A. He believes Joe Biden is the best candidate to take on President Trump in November.


A fourth-generation Washingtonian (and first-generation college graduate), Troy has dedicated his life fighting for disadvantaged communities through strengthening public education, voter outreach, voter education, creating public-private partnerships to address the cycle of poverty, and pushing for responsible development inclusive of all residents.


A small business owner, Troy currently serves as the co-chair of the communications committee for the DC Democratic Party. He’s widely featured in both local and national media as an expert on a range of topics from politics and communications to education and community development. He's a graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Howard and American universities, and is an AmeriCorps alum.


Troy believes in these turbulent times, we need a strong leader like Joe Biden because as President Obama said, he is the kind of leader that’s "guided by knowledge and experience; honesty and humility, empathy, and grace." That kind of leadership doesn’t just belong in our councilmembers, the Attorney General, or in the mayor’s office--it belongs in the White House. Learn more at

John Green.jpeg

John Carlos Green (#DC4Biden)

John Carlos Green is a two-term Vice Chair of Ward 1’s ANC 1B, campaign manager for Attorney General Karl A. Racine, and At-Large Committeeman for the DC Democratic State Committee.  John has lived and worked in the Shaw/U Street Corridor for over 15 years and has a proven record as an active community leader.


John and the #DC4Biden slate are running to be Joe Biden delegates to represent DC’s values of equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.


John values that Joe Biden speaks and appeals to voters in the battleground states — something that will be crucial come November. "Joe Biden has the experience, integrity, empathy, and intelligence to bring our country together and respond to this pandemic. Please vote for me and the #DC4Biden slate if you live in Wards 1, 2, 6, and 8!"   


Sonya Clay (No Malarkey Democrats)

An Alabama native who has primarily lived in Washington, DC’s Ward 6 since 1996. She works in government relations for a national medical society where she works to advance public health, education, and insurance access policies. Her career has primarily focused on advocating on behalf of non-profits such as Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the America Academy of Pediatrics. She also worked as a congressional staffer for six years and has represented local governments before Congress as a client lobbyist.

Over the years, Ms. Clay supported national and regional Democratic candidates and organized local volunteers for Hillary Clinton’s recent presidential campaign. In 2019, she co-founded I Vote Democratic, a social media project to elevate Democratic voters’ voices.


Ms. Clay is an Alabama A&M University graduate and a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She enjoys live music, festivals, documentary films, the Philadelphia Eagles, and local DC culture. On occasion, Ms. Clay enjoys go-go music (Northeast Groovers, to be exact) and chicken wings with mumbo sauce!


Bryan Lassiter (No Malarkey Democrats)

Bryan Lassiter (No Malarkey Democrats) is a young Democrat, LGBTQ+ activist, and Ward 1 resident who advocates for greater inclusion of LGBTQ+, women, and other minority professionals in Tech, improving access to mental healthcare, DC statehood, and—above all—defeating Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election.


Bryan is a graduate of the College of William & Mary and currently works as a Senior Data Engineer at CareJourney, a local health analytics startup. Bryan is on the board of directors at Your Health Concierge, a small business providing mental health services in the DMV, and the is Vice President of the cooperative where he lives with his partner of eight years.


In his free time, Bryan can be found covered in flour studying a Mary Berry’s cookbook or defending his unpopular opinion that Grease 2 is, in fact, better than the original over dinner at one of DC's spectacular local restaurants.


Jessica Dohmen (DC Democrats for Biden)

As a DMV native and a resident of DC for the better part of a decade, I’m excited to join a diverse slate that represents a wide range of DC Democrats. Over the past 3 years, I’ve watched the mood in DC and the country worsen and wanted to help. Having limited previous involvement with the DC Democrats I’ve been encouraged by my slate-mates passion in working with them and everyone I’ve spoken too about this election to help make Vice President Biden our next President. 


Tori Collins (DC Democrats for Biden)

I’m Tori Collins. I moved to Washington, D.C. and Ward 6 five years ago, to began a career in transportation program policy. I grew up in the Midwest and was born into a union strong family. My father was an active member in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 134. I followed his example interning with the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776  for a summer in Philadelphia organizing labor campaigns.


I’m running for delegate with DC Democrats for Biden. I support Joe Biden because the country needs a President who will demonstrate clear, stable leadership and add balance to the rights and protections of ALL working Americans.  I am asking for your vote and for you to vote for my fellow DC Democrats for Biden candidates running so we can ensure the opportunity to work toward change!


Pamela Gomez (#DC4Biden)

I am running as a delegate to represent Joe Biden because I know he will restore dignity and competence to the presidency.


I have worked for more than two decades as a public policy advocate for nonprofits and labor groups. I value the political experience that Joe will bring to the office. My research and advocacy work on policy issues has made me aware of the dramatic impact on all of our lives that the changes in our economy have had over recent decades.


I believe that Joe will listen with compassion to us – ordinary citizens – as we struggle to stay healthy, and to take care of ourselves and our families. I also know Joe is confident enough to take advice from experts – whether they be public health professionals or economists advising that we need to put greater emphasis on equitable, quality education and training for our children and for those of us currently in the workforce.


I want to bring DC’s values of equity, justice, diversity, and inclusion to the convention in August. As the secretary of the DC Latino Caucus, I believe we need leadership that respects the dignity of every individual and economic policies that move us all forward. Full representation for all of us in DC is essential to realize that goal, which I have worked to advance as a member of Neighbors United for DC Statehood. I am also an active volunteer with the DC Democratic Party, and the DC Democratic Women’s Club.


Tommy Wells (#Ready4Joe)

Hi I’m Tommy Wells.  I’ve spent my career as a DC social worker, and public leader, to help make DC the greatest city in the world. I believe in livable walkable neighborhoods that promote equity an sustainability, AND I’m #READY FOR JOE.


Charlotte Clymer (#Ready4Joe)

Charlotte Clymer is a writer, LGBTQ activist, military veteran, and proud resident of Ward Six in the District of Columbia.


She was most recently the Press Secretary for Rapid Response at the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest civil rights organization dedicated to advancing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) equality. Her day-to-day work involved running the organization’s messaging in response to the White House and federal policy.


Her commentary has been quoted by the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Guardian, TIME, Newsweek, and numerous other publications. Her work has been published in the Washington Post, NBC News, GQ, the Independent, Quartz, Dame Magazine, and others. She has also been a guest commentator on MSNBC and CBS Sunday Morning.


She serves on the D.C. Commission for Persons with Disabilities, the Board of Directors for the Center for Law and Military Policy, the Military and Veterans Advisory Council for Modern Military Families of America and the Advisory Councils for Running Start and the Lone Star Parity Project, organizations working toward gender parity in elected office.


Kate Urbank 

Kate Urbank graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and remained in DC working in the news division at WETA-TV for ten years. She relocated to Northern California to raise a family and then returned to her home state of Connecticut where she became involved in state and local Democratic political campaigns, including as senior staff on two winning gubernatorial campaigns in 2010 and 2014. For years, she served as Vice Chair of the Democratic Party in Stamford, a key city in the state. Upon returning to DC five years ago, she launched Food Rescue US–DC—the app-based food runner program that engages volunteers to transport healthy excess food from businesses to area nonprofits that assist the food insecure. She is a board member for the DC Food Recovery Working Group and a passionate proponent of DC statehood. She is excited to deepen her involvement in District politics by running as a Joe Biden delegate to the Democratic National Convention.


Mark Nichols (DC Democrats for Biden)

Mark Nichols is a DC Democrat and a Ward 2 resident.  He works in renewable energy.  Mark has been active in Democratic politics for over twenty five years.  He first came to DC in 1993 from Arkansas with President Bill Clinton.  He worked in the Clinton Administration at USAID and the State Department and then for several years for General Wesley K. Clark.  He is supporting Joe Biden because he believes Joe Biden is the candidate best positioned to unite the Democratic Party and take back the White House in November.  Joe Biden understands the enormous challenges we face — from job security and health care to climate change  — and will provide the leadership America so badly needs at this critical point in our nation’s history.


Sara Aviel (No Malarkey Democrats)

Sara Aviel is a committed Democrat, a proud mother of two young children (ages 2 & 4), and an advisor on economic policy.  She served all eight years in the Obama Administration and currently advises organizations on strategies to advance economic opportunity, diversity and inclusion, accountability, and sustainability. 


From leading “Kabul for Kerry” as a young humanitarian worker in Afghanistan in 2004 to canvassing with her babies in tow for Clinton in 2016 and for congressional candidates in 2018, Sara has long been a dedicated volunteer for the Democratic party and will continue to do everything she can to elect Democrats at all levels this fall.


Sara loves living in DC and is looking forward to safely returning to the many wonderful restaurants, cultural activities, and parks that make DC such a great place to raise her young family.  Sara Aviel would be honored to have your vote to represent DC at the DNC Convention and together help enact a progressive policy platform that will enable us to emerge from this crisis as a more inclusive and equitable nation.

Candidates for Sanders District 1 Delegates

anas shallal.jpg

Anas "Andy" Shallal 

Anas “Andy” Shallal is an artist and social entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of
Busboys and Poets, a group of restaurants in the Washington Metropolitan area where art,
culture and politics intentionally collide over mindfully sourced food, drinks and
programming that feeds the mind body and soul. With 7 locations in and around DC,
including the latest location in Anacostia, Busboys and Poets has become home for
progressives, artists and intellectuals including such notables as the late Howard Zinn,
Cornel West, Alice Walker and Nikki Giovanni to name a few.
Shallal has founded and co-founded several peace and justice organizations and holds
leadership positions in numerous others. He is on the board of trustees for the Institute for
Policy Studies, Race Forward, the Anacostia Coordinating Council and a founding member of
Think Local First DC, a local business association and has served in advisory and leadership
roles to advance progressive business and labor practices including recently chairing the
Workforce Investment Council of DC. He holds an MBA from the Smith School of Business at
The University of Maryland. Shallal continues to strive to make his hometown of Washington
DC a more livable community.
Busboys and Poets is a member of the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) focusing on
sustainable business and employment practices. Busboys and Poets has also been at the
forefront of environmental stewardship being one of the first businesses in Washington DC to
be 100% wind powered and are at the cutting edge of the local/sustainable food movement
winning many awards and recognitions locally and nationally for its innovative, conscious
cuisine. Shallal has received numerous awards including the Mayor’s Arts Award, Employer of
the Year from the Employment Justice Center, the Mayor’s Environmental Award,
Washingtonian of the Year (Washingtonian Magazine) and DC Hall of Fame among others.
More recently he was tapped to be a member of the re-open DC task force during the
coronavirus pandemic.


Emily Dalgo (DSAers for Bernie)

Emily Dalgo is a member of the DC chapter of the Democratic Socialists for America and resident of Columbia Heights. She is a volunteer with DC Vote and a strong advocate for DC Statehood. Emily graduated with Honors from American University, where she studied International Relations and was involved in the Fossil Free movement and created the university’s first student food pantry to end food insecurity on campus. She is the former Chief Development Officer of Bleakhouse Publishing, a criminal justice reform nonprofit.


As a delegate, she will support Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, cancelling student debt, housing for all, unrestricted access to abortion, and criminal justice reform – including eliminating criminal penalties for migrants crossing the border to flee violence, marijuana legalization, and restoring voting rights to people currently incarcerated. She is a longtime Bernie Sanders supporter and believes progressives should be included at the 2020 convention to move the Party forward. Emily currently works for a national healthcare advocacy nonprofit.


Ryan Nesbit 

My name is Ryan and I hope to earn your vote to represent Bernie and our movement at the Democratic Convention. I’ve called DC home for the past decade and it would be my greatest honor to represent the DC community in Milwaukee.


I’ve worked in solidarity with various immigrant rights campaigns during my time in DC. This is the work I’m most proud of, being an ally in the fight for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for all immigrants. Growing up in rural Michigan I experienced first hand the instability that comes with a privatized medical system and the impacts of unchecked capitalism. Bernie’s policies on immigration, Medicare for All, and giving a voice to working people is why I enthusiastically supported both his presidential runs.


Bernie inspired me to believe we deserve better. Bernie has had our backs for decades and has fought many fights alone. I’m throwing my hat in the ring because I want Bernie to know DC has his back and will continue to work towards his vision for a progressive and just agenda.


Telisha Conklin

I am a wife of 21 years to Clarence Conklin.  We have 3 wonderful children Anthony, 21, Aaron, 17, and Alizabeth 9.  I am a retired USAF SNCO.  I spent 20 years in the military and I was blessed to spend 16 of those 20 years right here in the DC area.  I spent the bulk of my time here living on Bolling AFB in Ward 8.  I have had the privilege of interacting with my community through various school functions as all of my children have grown up in the DC public school system.  I have found while the people are phenomenal, the systematic oppression is vast and striking.  The "dreaded" SouthEast, also dubbed by some very out of touch people as "the hood", has been the predominant community for my family and very welcoming.  I see a need for school equality, infrastructure improvement, and neighborhood beautification & construction/restoration.  I see hard working people working for less than they are worth and trying hard to get ahead.  The homeless population in the riches country in the world, is shameful and ever prevalent in our Nation's Capital. 


I support Bernie Sanders because he believes healthcare is a human right. That hardworking people should be paid a living wage, not having to work 3 jobs to equal one.  He believes in a green new deal and a jobs guarantee.  I stand for all of these things and so much more.  It is my dream to go on to represent his interests as the Ward 8, District 1 Delegate for Senator Bernard Sanders.


Georgia Sambunaris

Georgia Sambunaris (She, her, hers) has been a DC resident and DC homeowner for over 25 years.  She was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Greek immigrants and is one of three children.  Georgia came to live in Washington, DC to study international relations at George Washington University, BA; and Georgetown University, MA.  She has also studied the Spanish, French, modern Greek and beginner Italian languages

She is retired from the United States Agency for International Development, after completing over 25 years of service and working on private sector economic growth, trade and capital markets.  She has travelled to over 50 countries throughout her career in international economic development.  Georgia is of Greek-American heritage and has been a community volunteer at Georgetown Medstar Hospital.  She presently is working freelance in higher education in Washington, DC.

Candidates for Biden District 2 Delegates

zach israel.jpg

Zach Israel (Next Generation Democrats for Biden)

Zach has served as the DC Young Democrats’ (DCYD) National Committeeman since January 2019 and previously served as DCYD’s Vice-President for Administration and Finance in 2017 and 2018. As National Committeeman, Zach is an active member of the Young Democrats of America (YDA), the largest youth-led, partisan political organization in the nation and has utilized his role to mobilize young people to participate in the electoral process to elect Democrats, influence the ideals of the Democratic Party, and advocate for progressive issues on behalf of DC’s young Democrats, including strong support for DC statehood.


Zach is also an active member of the progressive grassroots organization DC for Democracy and previously served on the Ward 3 Democratic Committee from 2015—2018 when he lived in Woodley Park. In his day job, Zach works as a Principal and Manager of Legislative Affairs at The Ferguson Group LLC, a bipartisan government relations consulting firm focusing on the needs of local governments throughout the U.S. Zach received his B.A. in Political Studies from Bard College, focusing on American politics and international affairs. He currently lives in Petworth (Ward 4) with his wife Juliana and newborn son Elliot.

emily singer lucio.png

Emily Singer Lucio (Ridin With Biden)

I am an activist, Ward 5 Democrat and ANC Commissioner. I have spent my lifetime working with the members of my community on the current and important issues that matter to them. I believe that all politics is local.  I also believe that this national election under the Covid-19 crisis has really brought to light how essential our vote is because it impacts us locally, nationally and globally.  D.C. Statehood is more important than ever so that we are not considered a Territory.  In this crisis we need a leader who can get this country back on track. 

In my neighborhood I am consistently working with our senior residents on house renovation projects, snow removal and in-home food delivery for those in need. Our neighborhood is changing, as is our country.   I continue to work with developers to ensure that progress fits our neighborhood and I want a President who supports change, but not at the expense of our heath, environment or international relations.  I have worked with schools to ensure that kids are safe getting to and from school and that they have the resources they need and I believe strong public education is a priority for Joe Biden.

This election is critical for the state of our nation and I believe that Joe Biden is the right man for the job.  As a lifelong Democrat, I have always been a part of the process in one way or another and now I would appreciate the opportunity to be representing you as a delegate to the DNC Convention as we come together to confirm our values and mission as Democrats.


Daniela Ochoa

Let's give Joe Biden all we got! My name is Daniela Ochoa, and I am a proud Bloomingdalian mom, environmental professional, and waste reduction activist. I aspire to be a delegate for Biden to learn more about our democratic process, to share it with as many Spanish speakers as possible, and to encourage and inspire them to vote.


The first time DC became home, was in 2006, just after graduating from Tecnológico de Monterrey. Then again in 2009, while finishing my MPA in Environmental Policy from Cornell University. Since 2015, I’ve been deeply invested in DC’s sustainability efforts, especially contributing to DC’s Food Recovery Working Group, GreenLatinos, Ecomadres (a Mom’s Clean Air Force project), Sunrise Movement, and Mundo Verde DCPS charter school. I have also been an active participant in Sierra Club’s Zero Waste Sub-Committee, Food Rescue US, Corazón Latino, Rooting DC, Common Good City Farms, DC DPR Composting Cooperatives, and DPW Composting and Zero Waste efforts.    


Families, school districts, and communities of faith are deeply important to me. Our family of four has dramatically reduced our family’s carbon footprint. We are committed to helping secure Biden’s victory, because his administration will address the climate and environmental justice challenges that we face more effectively.

dave donaldson.png

Dave Donaldson (Ridin with Biden)

I am Dave Donaldson and running for Pledged Joe Biden Delegate Candidate, in our Van Ness Community. I have lived here, in DC for 22 years and have benefited from my spiritual, community and political experience in our Ward Neighborhoods and Washington, DC on the whole. I have actively worked in all Eight Wards directly, indirectly and understand the issues that we have in common and those that are unique to us to your DC Neighborhoods.

Most people know me as a caring, passionate, results driven representative.

In the past years, I have been elected as a Precinct 34/Ward 3 Captain, 1st Vice Chairperson, 2nd Vice Chairperson of the Ward3 Democratic Party over a 6-year period and I was recently reelected to a 3rd Four Year term, At-Large Committeeman with the DC Democratic State Committee. I am not new to the responsibility, that I am asking you, to Elect Dave Donaldson, Emily Singer Lucio and Julie Rones, Biden Delegates to the Democratic National Convention in August

We look forward to extending our experiences to the Democratic National Committee in nominating our 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden!

My working awareness and experience on the issues of Rent Control, Affordable Housing, Homelessness, Affordable Healthcare, Ending Food Deserts, Pedestrian Safety, Safe Street & Metro Elevator access, , Smart Development, Retail Store and Restaurants, Safer Bicycle Access and DC  Statehood for a World Class Community, will be helpful in our planning in the near future and beyond.

I am semi-retired after a 40-year career in the Information Technology Industry. I attended William and Mary college, earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Science from Kean University. In my Senior Year I was elected President of the Student Government. I could only afford to attend college on the GI Bill (Served 2 combat tours in Vietnam and returned in 1970). I was elected the First Vietnam Veteran as a Post Commander in 1978. I don’t have quit in me nor do my teammates.

Julie Rones.jpg

Julie Rones (Ridin With Biden)

Julie Rones supports presidential candidate Joe Biden's leadership and commitment to D.C. Statehood; Covid-19 emergency response and economic development recovery; small business; jobs; early and higher education; and training; Medicare; Medicaid; affordable care for persons with pre-existing illness; low-cost prescriptions for seniors and persons on limited income; criminal sentencing reform, and second chances for returning citizens, safe and accessible communities; equality for women, persons of color and the LBGQT community, and having a woman as Vice President.


She is a longtime Ward 7 resident (ran for DC City Council for Ward7 2007), and a graduate of

McKinley Tech High School, Howard University, Georgetown University Law Center, and the George Washington Graduate School of Business and Public Management certified project management program. She served as an appointee to the D.C. Women's Commission; and  is a member of the Ward 7 Dems whose members  voted her in twice as 110 (Hillcrest) Precinct Captain. She is a former Attorney with the DC Office of the People’s Counsel, representing D.C. public utility consumers. She was Chief of Staff to a Member of the US Congress and worked on Obamacare; and later served as Senior Counsel to the House of Representatives Oversight Committee overseeing waste, fraud, and abuse in federal programs, and helped the Committee perform oversight of the District of Columbia. Julie is a former  member of the DuPont Park Civic Association, the Penn Branch Civic Association, and the Hillcrest Community Civic Association. She is a small business owner in Ward7: Law Office of Julie E. Rones, PLLC and represents incapacitated persons in Probate Guardianship Intervention cases before the D.C. Superior Court. Julie promises to work hard to elect Joe Biden as our next president.


Larry Allen (DUMP TRUMP)

My name is Larry Allen and I’m running for DC DELEGATE on the DUMP TRUMP slate. During my decades in Washington I have lived in almost every ward which has fueled my love of the city and my work in serving its communities.  I remember as a young kid my parents taking me to pass out flyers and dragging this little brown boy to political dinners which really informed my belief that one person can make a difference and elected officials work for the people.  I am asking for your vote and for you to vote for the other Delegates running on my Slate “DUMP TRUMP to give us the opportunity to work for you and make a difference.


Marlena Edwards

Marlena D. Edwards is a passionate community activist, who is committed to social justice, education, health care and economic development.  She is a native Washington, lifelong resident of Ward 4, received a B.S. in Mass Communication from Towson University, and worked in the private sector, highlighted by her work on the Middle East Peace Talks.  Marlena then received a Master of Social Work degree from Howard University and has devoted over two decades of service to the residents of the District of Columbia through serving as a member of numerous boards and committees that promote coalition building and community empowerment.


Harry Thomas (We Won't Mute Our DC Vote #Biden)

Harry Thomas is a third generation Washingtonian.  He attended D.C. Public Schools and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School.   He holds a degree in Public Relations/Marketing from Bowie State University and an Associate’s Degree in Theology Titus Baptist Seminary. Harry is Ward 5 Democrats National Committeeman, Head Softball coach Washington Adventist University and was appointed the USA Softball DC  District Commissioner, Dirictor of DC Grays MLB/ RBI Softball program, Founder DC Elite Softball ( ) with over 25 years of coaching experience at the college, high school and youth level and is a certified dealer for Phoenix Bats.  He has authored, “Fist”, (Five Steps to Public Speaking) and is a motivational speaker and business development consultant.. He is Founder and Partner of HLT Development, Inc.

Jennifer Blemur for DNC Delegate for Bid

Jennifer Blemur (Next Generation Democrats For Biden)

Committed to advancing the public welfare, Jennifer Blemur is the Director of the Women Legislators’ Lobby (WiLL), a program of Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND). Jennifer's goal in working in state policy is to ensure that elected officials know what is happening in their communities, are equipped with sensible policy solutions, and are empowered to effectuate long-lasting positive change.  Working with elected officials to create transformative change is core to Jennifer's belief that the government can effectively meet the needs of its electors. Jennifer is running to be a DNC delegate for Candidate Biden because she wants to ensure he wins in November, but also to make sure that policy ideas key to DC’s success are adopted and implemented. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at JABlemurESQ.


Doug Sloan (Dump Trump)

I am a Native Washingtonian and live and work in Northwest Washington in Ward 4.  I have worked in the Mayor's Office as Community Outreach Coordinator and as Legislative Analyst on the DC Council Judiciary Committee.  I currently serve as 1st Vice President of the DC NAACP and I served as an ANC Commissioner in Ward 4 for over 10 years.  I was also the vice-president of the DC Young Democrats and served as Ex-Officio member of the DC Democratic State Committee.  I currently work as Principal and Senior Political analyst at the communications and political strategy firm National Capitol Strategy Group, (NCSG) in northwest Washington.  I am supporting Joe Biden because of his strong record as Vice President to President Barack Obama and because we need strong, seasoned, moral leadership in the White House to repair the damage inflicted upon our country by the current administration.  It is time to DUMP TRUMP!


Annalise Myre (Dump Trump)

I am a student at Georgetown University majoring in U.S. Government and minoring in Religion, Ethics and World Affairs. As a graduate of Alice Deal Middle School and Georgetown Day High School, I am a native Washingtonian. For the past seven years, I have been working with veterans and volunteered at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Currently, I am a policy research intern for No One Left Behind, a non-profit advocating for Special Immigrant Visas, and have experience lobbying Congress.


As a member of DMV Students for Biden, I hope to mobilize other young people to stand with Joe Biden and use my voice to represent young Democrats at the DNC Convention. As a volunteer for the Biden campaign, I traveled to Iowa this year and was named a precinct captain at the 2020 Iowa caucus. While in Iowa, I went door to door convincing voters to caucus for Biden and successfully convinced undecided voters on caucus night to support Biden. A few weeks later, I traveled to South Carolina to increase voter turnout and campaign for Biden. I support Joe Biden because he will restore the moral backbone of our nation. His ability to connect with all Americans will enable him to lead our country on day one of the presidency and restore America’s standing in the world.


Christine Warnke (We Wont Mute Our DC Vote #Biden)

Dr. Warnke gained national recognition during the 2008 Presidential Election when she was appointed to serve as a Superdelegate of the Democratic National Committee. She continues to maintain a leadership role within the organization as Vice Chair of the DNC Ethnic Coordinating Council, which aims to bring a diverse group of ethnic Americans into the Democratic Party. Dr. Warnke has been at the center of women’s initiatives and recently joined the Feminist Majority Future PAC Board, which supports state and local women candidates.


In 2010, Dr. Warnke was selected by the Smithsonian Board of Regents, which includes the Vice President of the United States and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, to the Smithsonian National African Advisory Board. She continues to serve on numerous boards related to the African continent and other developing world markets.  Dr. Warnke served  on the University of the District of Columbia Foundation Board for over a decade.  Dr. Warnke was elected to the Board of Sister Cities International, which touts over fourteen DC  sister city relationships with capitals throughout the globe.  Her commitment to local public service includes several Mayoral appointments over the last many years including the DC Commission for Women; DC Human Rights Commission, DC Humanities Council, and the DC Humanities Council.   In 2018, Dr. Warnke ran as an ANC Commissioner for ANC3D08. 


In 1994, Dr. Warnke was nominated by then President William Jefferson Clinton to serve on the Board of the National Institute of Building Sciences and was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate.  She earned her doctoral degree from the University of Maryland a year prior and was then bestowed the Alumni of the Year Award by the university.

katie phillips.jpg

Katie Phillips

Katie Phillips is a passionate Democrat who has dedicated her career to electing more Democrats to public office. After graduating Cum Laude from Texas Christian University, Katie worked in corporate communications before relocating to D.C. to work in campaign consulting. Katie now helps Democrats get elected to the House of Representatives and specializes in working with candidates seeking to flip districts from Red to Blue. Katie is a proud Democrat who has been on Team Biden since day one. She believes in the need for moderate, progressive voices in Washington and is proud to support Biden’s campaign for the presidency. 

bradley thomas.jpg

Bradley A. Thomas

My name is Bradley A. Thomas and I am a first time candidate for delegate to the DNC. By way of background, I am a fourth generation native Washingtonian and long-term registered Democrat who has resided in Ward 5 for most of my adult life. Currently, I’m serving in my fourth year as Chairperson of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5E. I was part of the redistricting team that helped with the Ward 5 ANC/SMD realignment, following the 2010 Census, and I was the primary moving force behind the push to create the Mid-City East Small Area Plan in 2014. I’m a former board member of the Bates Area Civic Association and a former Chair of the Board of North Capitol Main Streets. Ward 5 residents will probably recall that I was a candidate for Ward 5 Member of the D.C. Council during the 2018 Democratic Primary, focusing on the five pillars of 1) education, 2) employment, 3) affordable housing, 4) public safety and 5) sustainable smart growth. A fierce opponent of taxation without representation, I believe that D.C. Statehood must be a prominent plank of the Biden for President platform and I’m prepared to use the skills I’ve developed over almost 40 years as a trial litigator to advocate for it.

adam j rubinson.jpg

Adam Rubinson Dump Trump

A Deal Middle School and GDS parent residing in Tenleytown / AU Park, Adam Rubinson has lived in the District for 27 years as an attorney in the Clinton Administration, DC government employee, and technology consultant.  A member of Adas Israel congregation, the DC Bar, and the DC Innovation & Technology Inclusion Council (ITIC), he comes from a long line of Democratic Party volunteer activists, worked at three Democratic conventions, and managed successful campaigns for US Congress and DC Mayor.  Adam shares your urgency for ending the Trump nightmare: “Joe Biden will help us DUMP TRUMP and ‘make America great again’ for ALL people, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or national origin. Let’s do this for our children.”

20200429_001239_1588134261730 (2).jpeg

Peggy Asante

As a delegate, I would advocate that our party platform includes sourcing resources for higher education/ professional development for women raising families.


The effect of the lack of support available to mothers is made clear in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics study showing that in 2019 unemployment rate for married mothers was 2.3% compared with 5.9% for mothers with other marital statuses. Affordable or subsidized child daycare and higher education or professional development easily accessible for mothers is needed. 


An educated and self sufficient mother is essential in fostering sound human capital and a sustainable community.

charles gaither.jpg

Charles Gaither (We Wont Mute Our DC Vote #Biden)

Lifelong Ward 4 resident, DCPS and University of The District of Columbia Graduate, DC Democratic Party Member since 1992, Page to The 1992 Democratic National Convention, Delegate to The 2016 Democratic National Convention and former Executive Director and Executive Committee Member to The DC Democratic Party #Don’t Mute

Nixon Photo (1).jpg

Norman Nixon (We Won't Mute Our DC Vote #Biden)

Reverend Norman Nixon is a native of Washingtonian. He graduated from Francis Cardozo High School and earned an Associates of Arts degree from Eastern Gateway Community College. He is the President of the Mayor’s Youth Leadership Institute Alumni Association. He is the youngest person to hold an elected office in Washington DC history when he was elected as a Delegate to the DC Statehood Constitutional Convention. He served as National Vice President of the Young Democrats of America, a Delegate to the 1996 Democratic National Convention, and a member of the NAACP, Prince Hall Masons, and Hillcrest Civic Association. He is on the We Won’t Mute DC Our DC Vote #Biden slate.   

noal wills.jpg

Noah Wills (Next Generation Democrats for Biden)

Noah Wills moved to Washington, D.C. in 2014 to attend American University in Ward 3. After learning about the District’s lack of political representation, he became a leader in the D.C. statehood movement and currently serves as President of Students for D.C. Statehood. After graduating in 2018, Noah moved to Ward 5 where he became involved with the Ward 5 Democrats and the Ward 5 Democrats Statehood Committee. He is also a regular member of the DC Democrats Statehood and Self-Determination Committee and the Ward 3 Democrats Statehood Committee. Noah looks forward to promoting younger voter participation and making D.C. statehood a national issue throughout the 2020 election by serving as a delegate for Joe Biden. 

coriana gray.jpg

Corina Garay (Next Generation Democrats for Biden)

Corina is a proud native Washingtonian, product of DCPS, and first-generation Salvadoran-American. She is a catalyst for community service and advocacy. She volunteers for various organizations throughout DC that serve women, children, and the immigrant community. She also serves as a board member to Gaby’s House; a nonprofit organization founded by her family that serves impoverished children with special needs.   


Corina is an Accountant with more than ten years of combined experience in real estate development, finance, and accounting. She is an MBA and CPA candidate. She currently works for the legislative branch of the federal government.


In her spare time, she can be found spending time with her family and friends, enjoying a live show, or taking a jog through NW.

krysten thomas.jpg

Krysten Thomas (Next Generation Democrats for Biden)

Krysten S. Thomas is a fifth-generation D.C. native and a lifelong resident of Ward 5. She holds a Master of Public Health degree from Yale University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wesleyan University. She is also a graduate of the National Cathedral School in D.C. and a current evening law student at Georgetown University. 


Krysten focuses on healthcare, the law, and serving D.C. residents. She currently works at the D.C. Court of Appeals and teaches basic criminal law at the D.C. Jail. She also performs COVID-19 research for the Georgetown O'Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. Previously, she worked for the D.C. Office of Administrative Hearings, Avalere Health, the World Health Organization, Novo Nordisk, Inc., the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate as a health and judiciary legislative staffer for Senator Claire McCaskill. As a member of the D.C. Hall of Fame Society’s Executive Board, the Young Women’s League, Inc., and the Henry C. Gregory III Family Life Center Foundation’s Board of Directors, Krysten promotes health, well-being, and literacy in D.C. 


Krysten was drawn to the 2020 Presidential Election due to her passion for healthcare and the law, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is excited to be running to represent her hometown and the soon to be 51st state of the United States of America as a D.N.C. Delegate for Joe Biden!

walter peacock.jpg

Walter Peacock (Next Generation Democrats for Biden)

Walter Peacock is a Howard University Political Science and Computer Science alum and a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Peacock was born in Ward 7 where he currently resides and has taken part in many community programs throughout DC. Peacock currently serves as the Chair for the Mayor's Commission on Out of School Time Grants and Youth Outcomes. Peacock is also a professionally trained concert violinist and in his spare time enjoys performing at local schools and community events throughout the district to share his talent with the community and hopefully inspire young people to explore their own talents.

Candidates for Sanders District 2 Delegates


Imara D Crooms (Equity Democrat)

Imara Crooms is a democratic governance expert in the field of international relations, he has recently returned to the US from Morocco where he served as Resident Director for a non-partisan non-profit organization promoting democracy around the world.  Building upon the lessons imparted by his activist parents, Imara has long served his community and the broader public as an advocate on issues of equality, justice and social good - including years of work with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and in support of equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community. Upon returning to the US from his service abroad, Imara immediately sprang back into action advocating for the interests of Americans domestically. Most recently Imara's advocacy efforts found root in the 2020 Democratic Primary Campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders where he served as a Victory Captain. Though the Senator's campaign recently ended, Imara and his former volunteer peers continue to organize, advocate and support public engagement around the issues the campaign led the charge on.


Clayton Aristotle Rosenberg

I'm running to be a Sanders delegate in District #2 (i.e., Wards 3, 4, 5, and 7) in DC's online pre-primary caucus (from April 25-May 21) and would be honored to get your vote! I want to make sure DC has an inclusive strategy in order to 1). Ensure DC's delegation has more progressive young people involved in it; and 2). work to make the Democratic Party's platform more transparent to city like ours, with a heavier focus on DC Statehood and deterring policies that effects our residents the most. 


Delores Fields

Delores Fields has been a District residents for over 50 years attending public schools in Ward 4. A former ANC commissioner for 4D01, Site Coordinator for DCBOE, various Democratic campaign volunteer during primary and general elections. Ms. Fields was a former Citizen Panel Review board Member under Vincent Gray and a member of the Kennedy Street business association in the 90’s. Ms. Fields has always paid it forward in her community and her service with the Americorp Congressional Office in DC help the homeless programs in the city. Ms. Fields graduated from the University of the District of Columbia with a dual Major in Mortuary Science, Urban Studies and Development with a minor in Social Work. She attend grad school at Howard University and specialized her skills in Baltimore at Maryland University in Forensic Social Work. Ms. Fields passion for serving her city and constituents comes as a higher calling, she’s worked in DC Gov’t, non-profit agencies, and federal government dealing with low income families, providing safe homes for children in the Child Welfare system, mental health and Office of the Attorney General. Ms. Fields brings over 25 years of professional experience. She’s focus, driven and brings fresh ideas to the Democratic Party. She would be an ideal candidate for the DC DNC Delegate standing committee member and her District 2 political party.


Jessica Castro

Jessica Castro is a social science research consultant at a child development organization in Washington, DC. She holds an MPH and has experience supporting research teams focused on public health issues and international development programming. She is an active member of the youth-led Sunrise Movement DC Hub fighting for climate justice as well as volunteers with the local non-profit DC127 to help prevent children from entering the child welfare system by supporting vulnerable families. Jessica has been a strong Sanders supporter since 2015 and volunteered for his campaign because she believes in advancing his bold, progressive policies and hopeful vision for a more equitable and unified America. 

headshot (1).jpg

Andrea Crooms (Equity Democrats)

Andrea Crooms is a longtime environmental and criminal justice advocate. A committed public servant, she is currently a senior advisor for Sustainable Transportation. She has worked for the EPA, DOJ and DOE on climate, environmental racism and energy issues. Prior to joining the federal government, Andrea served as a public defender for seven years in Harlan County, Kentucky and Philadelphia. She is an avid urban gardener, advocate for food sovereignty and public power, union organizer and proud member of NTEU. Andrea served as a Bernie Victory Captain, and continues to push forward a Democratic Socialist vision for the environment as a member of the DSA’s Ecosocialist Working Group and the Sunrise Movement.

anthony field.jpg

Anthony Field (Equity Democrats)

Anthony Field currently works at Chesapeake Climate Action Network as the Maryland Campaign Coordinator working to protect communities and ecosystems from the risks posed by fossil fuels. His passion for social justice and environmental advocacy took root during his freshman year at the University of North Texas where he pursued a major in Political Science and a minor in Peace Studies and Diplomacy. It was during this time that Anthony joined the local effort to institute a citywide fracking ban. He and dozens of activists were able to take on the big oil interests and successfully saw Denton become the first city in Texas to ban fracking. While this ban was eventually overturned by Governor Abbott in May of 2015, Anthony is proud to have been a part of the movement.


His impassioned dedication to championing progressive values and fighting for traditionally under-represented communities did not end there. He served as a 2015 White House Intern for former President Obama and after began managing the ground efforts for ballot initiatives and State and Federal races in Texas, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Virginia. His compassion and drive to help positively impact his community also saw him assist in managing disaster relief efforts for FEMA in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria. He was also proudly elected to serve as a Bernie 2016 delegate to the Texas state convention. 

haley rasmussen.jpg

Haley Rasmussen (Equity Democrats)

Haley Rasmussen is a surgical nurse and coordinator who works at a private surgical center in Washington, DC. Her love for medicine and patient care began when she was in high school, volunteering at the local hospital and working as a CNA. She has worked her way from CNA to BSN, RN and thrives working in a surgical environment. Outside of medical care, Haley enjoys volunteering and working with local non-profits. Haley moved to Washington, DC in March of 2019 and started volunteer work immediately at My Sister’s Place, an advocacy non-profit that assists victims of sexual violence. Haley has helped many women and children find homes and jobs after leaving their abusive homes. She has also provided counseling guidance for those experiencing PTSD. Haley’s passion for physical and mental health is what attracted her to Bernie Sanders’ platform in the first place. She believes Bernie was the only candidate who truly cared about the wellbeing of his fellow Americans and had the legislative plans to back that up.


Cicily Hampton (Equity Democrats)

Cicily Hampton, PhD, MPA is a healthcare executive with experience leading legislative and regulatory activities that address public health, healthcare, and health equity in health care programs. Dr. Hampton has spent her career working to increase access and quality of care for patients by developing delivery system and payment reform systems, quality metrics, and eliminating health disparities. Dr. Hampton is running to represent DC at the Democratic National Convention to bring public health expertise to the party platform to improve the health of our nation with practical, pragmatic policy solutions.


Sam Bonar (Equity Democrats)

Sam Bonar is an advocate, organizer, mediator, improviser, miscommunication facilitator, and comedic strategist passionate about changing the culture of power. He is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Director of Delicious Democracy: DC’s Creative Advocacy Lab. This cultural and political community strategically fuses food, creativity, and humor with real political advocacy. Sam encourages his community to boldly envision a future that defies the status quo by building a new political ideology called Equitism built on community ownership, balancing systemic tensions, creating culture, and infinite play.


Gerald Lorentz 

Bernie Sanders has the principles and courage to champion policies that benefit the working class.  In 2016, I was a Bernie Sanders Delegate to the Democratic National Convention

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