Welcome to the official website of the D.C. Democratic Party also known as the D.C. Democratic State Committee. As an arm of the Democratic National Committee, the D.C. Democratic Party:

    •  Promotes the goals and mission of the National Democratic Party;

    • Educates District of Columbia voters about the local Party; and

  • Increases Party participation in eletroral politics through engagement and training.

All individuals interested in working with the D.C. Democratic State Committee to accomplish our goals are welcome to contact Donald Isaac, Jr., Executive Director at  dcdemocraticparty@gmail.com.



DC Democratic State Committee 
General Membership Meeting

Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
7:00 p.m. 






Video Tribute for the
Honorable Marion S. Barry

(Video produced by the DCiReporter)



April 28, 2015
Special Election Results

(from Board of Elections)


Authorized and paid for by the DCDSC, Patrick Allen, Treasurer, Anita Bonds, Chairman.
A copy of our report is filed with the DC OCF, Washington, DC. Not printed at government expense.