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DC Democratic Party Announces Plans for Virtual Convention

For Immediate Release | August 5, 2020

Contact: Claire Goldberg,

DC Democratic Party Announces Plans for Virtual Convention

WASHINGTON, DC — With the Democratic National Convention going remote this year, the DC Democratic Party has planned for both virtual and in-person events for our delegation. The in-person events will adhere to Coronavirus mandates and guidelines.

The events include a virtual happy hour with the Maryland and Virginia Democrats on Friday, August 14, an opening reception on Sunday, August 16, a gathering and watch party on Wednesday, August 19, and a drive-in theater watch party at RFK Stadium on the final night of the convention, Thursday, August 20.

All events will be limited to delegates except the drive-in watch party, which is open to the public. There will also be a DNC Standing Committee Briefing this Thursday, August 6, via Zoom, which is open to the public. Lastly, we will be operating a virtual watch party each night of the convention for anyone to join.

“With the convention being remote this year, we wanted to give our delegates the convention experience here in the District,” DC Democratic Party Chair Charles Wilson said. “We surveyed our delegation and found that aside from casting their vote for the Democratic nominee for President, what they wanted most out of the convention was to meet fellow delegates from other states, as well as participating in events. Normally, there would be daily breakfasts for delegates, in addition to an array of speeches, meetings, and activities. While we can’t replicate all of that, we have tried our best to have a good balance of events that are socially distanced and safe.”



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