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Candidates for Temporary Standing Committee Members

Candidates for Credentials Committee


Shaunda Patterson-Strachan

I am a Ward 7 resident and well suited to represent the District as a Temporary Member of the Credential’s Committee because of my years-long commitment to supporting Democrats, including through voter registration and voter protection efforts, canvassing, and fundraising for the Party and local and national candidates. My service as a Party Leader and Elected Official member of the Credentials Committee for the 2012 Convention (nominated by the DNC Chair and elected by the DNC Executive Committee, which materialized because of my efforts to mobilize support for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign) reflects direct experience.


Bill Fegan

I believe my background and experience make me an excellent fit for the DNC Standing Committees. I have extensive work in change management, project management, standing up new organizations, negotiations, risk management, event planning, and more. I would very much like to bring these attributes to the Standing Committee and do my best to help the District in any way I can.


Coley Smith

As a young Democrat, my desire has always been to serve the Democratic Party. I have used my formal education in Political Science to work with both candidates and voters in different capacities, starting with the most basic volunteering, as I’m sure almost all of you have done. But I believe that assisting the party itself more directly is crucial to our success, and I have the tools to do so effectively. I hope that my viewpoint and contribution to discourse can help the party succeed, and that my ongoing commitment will make a positive difference.


Will Pierce

I am a Army Veteran and Purple Heart Receipt who had the privilege of traveling with Vice-President Biden as his Advance Associate in the White House. After that, I served as the Founder/ National Executive Director of the Draft Biden 2016 Super PAC where we organized over 700,00 Biden supporters nationwide! I now run a Political Consulting firm and know that Joe is ready from day one to serve Veterans and Working Families!


Anthony Musa

Thank you for considering me to represent our District at the DNC this fall.  I am passionate about the Party and will take our progressive values to Milwaukee.  I am well suited to serve in this role due to my professional and personal experiences that to ensure we have a progressive platform in the 2020 election and beyond.  My professional experiences as well as my personal experiences as a union member, a professor, a member of the armed services, and as a representative of the LGBTQ+ community will be used to ensure our progressive D.C. values are represented


Morgan Finkelstein

As an active DC Democrat and an alumna of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, I am uniquely qualified to represent the District on the Credentials Committee. I have experience working at all levels of the party; I was Virginia’s state party spokeswoman (and involved in writing their Delegate Selection Plan), I helped put on this year’s DNC presidential debates, and I served as a top national spokeswoman for the 2016 convention in Philadelphia. I have learned the ins and outs of national party business and know that my experience would make me effective in dealing with delegate seating and challenges.


Frances Anne Hardin

I was a journalist for several years (including six years as a White House correspondent for CNN) which precluded working on political campaigns.  Even so, my family was always involved in local political campaigns in California. My father would spend days posting signs for Democratic candidates in our county and my mother always worked at the polling place on election day.


Having been a national journalist, I believe I would bring a fresh perspective to the decision-making of any of the standing committees. Thank you for considering my application.


Imara Crooms

Imara Crooms is an international relations and democratic governance expert, recently returned to the US from Morocco where he served as Director for a non-profit organization promoting democracy around the world.  Building upon the lessons imparted by his activist parents, Imara has long served his community and the broader public as an advocate on issues of equality, justice and social good. Upon returning to the US from his service abroad, Imara immediately reinvigorated his domestic advocacy efforts. Most recently Imara's advocacy found root in the 2020 Democratic Primary Campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders where he served as a Victory Captain.


Bryan Lassiter

With our democracy threatened by foreign interference and GOP opponents, we must ensure the public’s confidence and trust in the Party and the legitimacy of the presidential primary process. This begins with the reliable seating of delegates with certifiable credentials. Bryan Lassiter is running for the Credentials Committee to answer any questions and resolve any challenges that arise before the delegates arrive at the convention. Bryan is a young Democrat and LGBTQ+ activist who advocates for greater inclusion of LGBTQ+, women, and other minority professionals in Tech, improving access to mental healthcare, DC statehood, and—above all—defeating Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election.


Marlena D. Edwards

Marlena D. Edwards is a passionate community activist, who is committed to social justice, education, health care and economic development.  She is a native Washington, lifelong resident of Ward 4, received a B.S. in Mass Communication from Towson University, and worked in the private sector, highlighted by her work on the Middle East Peace Talks.  Marlena then received a Master of Social Work degree from Howard University and has devoted over two decades of service to the residents of the District of Columbia through serving as a member of numerous boards and committees that promote coalition building and community empowerment.

Richard Lum.jpg

Richard Lum

Long-time Ward 1 resident, Richard Lum manages a technology and strategic services firm and has served in leadership and advisory capacities in the public and private sectors. At the Brookings Institution and Council on Foreign Relations issues included women’s education, international development, HIV/AIDS, and economic policy; he served at the National Economic Council and Office of Public Liaison at the White House. Board and leadership service includes Rhodes College, Washington National Opera, DNC Platform Committee, National Association of Asian American Professionals, Organization of Chinese Americans, United Way of Central Ohio’s Project Diversity, and Victory Fund Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute.


William West Hopper

My name is William West Hopper and I have been a resident of the District of Columbia since April 1985.  I have served as a leader of neighborhood groups that worked with the residents to make the community and the city a better place to live. I have volunteered for city-wide citizen summits, and helped our tables as the scribe to record the tables ideas and thoughts.

Through out my time living within the city I have always taken my role as a citizen seriously, be it as a voter, when called for jury duty, or the chance to participate in programs as serving as a Temporary Member of the DNC Standing Committee for the District of Columbia.

Candidates for Platform Committee


Jesse Mayer

Jesse is an active professional architecting and deploying advanced cyber security solutions globally for Fortune 100s. With an extensive background in healthcare, finance and the federal space he brings a young, passionate energy to politics. Being active in Maryland and New Jersey, he’s spent the last 5 years on learning the political landscape, and now seeks to represent his community and their interests by combining analysis of facts, experience and academic discussion. Dealing only in Facts and not What If's, he cuts through opinions and makes decisions based solely on what benefits everyone and not  the few.


Bo Shuff

Like urban areas across the country, DC faces challenges. Affordable housing, under and unemployment, a deepening divide by income and increasing levels of displacement and gentrification are all painfully impacting our cities. DC has a unique challenge that underpins each issue we all care deeply about – our lack of Statehood.  In the face of this pandemic, it has become even more urgent. DC’s Platform Committee representative must have the knowledge and passion to push Statehood into the forefront of the conversation. Now is the time for a bold push, and I feel I can make the case for DC Statehood.


Rick Hind

I have lived in the District since 1978 where my two daughters were born and raised. I have worked solely in the non-profit arena focused on economic and environmental justice. I am re-tired and live in Ward 3. 

Examples of electoral & policy work: 

— Volunteered for Democratic candidates for President from McGovern to Obama and Elizabeth Warren. I also worked in many congressional races. 

— Led a regulatory push with the Obama administration to issue historic safety rules for chemical facilities .


Michael Buckalew

I have a strong depth and breadth of policy background that make me well suited to serve as temporary member of the DNC standing committee. First, I hold an MA in International Relations with a focus on Japan and the Korean Peninsula. Additionally, I conduct financial services legislative and regulatory tracking in my current role as a legal assistant. Finally, I minored in secondary education social studies providing me a solid understanding of education policy. Accordingly, I can provide well-rounded support in helping to develop the platform as a temporary member of the DNC’s standing committee.


Anthony Musa

Thank you for considering me to represent our District at the DNC this fall.  I am passionate about the Party and will take our progressive values to Milwaukee.  I am well suited to serve in this role due to my professional and personal experiences that to ensure we have a progressive platform in the 2020 election and beyond.  My professional experiences as well as my personal experiences as a union member, a professor, a member of the armed services, and as a representative of the LGBTQ+ community will be used to ensure our progressive D.C. values are represented


Sarah Stefaniu

I hope to represent the DC community at the 2020 Democratic National Convention while assisting the party in its efforts to cultivate scalable solutions of consequence that will improve the future livelihood of all Americans for years to come. I believe my experience crafting digital outreach strategies at Google DC for over 70 U.S. federal agencies, in addition to my volunteer work advocating for the rights of those who are marginalized through the UNA-DCA chapter, will allow me to represent all who choose to call DC home at the convention.


Emily Singer Lucio

I am an activist, Ward 5 Democrat and ANC Commissioner. I have spent my lifetime working with the members of my community on the current and important issues that matter to them. The Democratic Party platform confirms the basis of our values and mission as Democrats, and I want to be a part of developing a framework that will help empower and build bridges among our diverse body of members.


Matthew Kilboy

Though I may not be a native Washingtonian, I am proud to call the District my home. I am not as active in the community as I would like – partly due to juggling a full-time career with a doctoral program – but I strive to connect with my neighbors whenever possible. That is the reason, in part, that I desire to become a temporary member of the Platform Standing Committee. This opportunity will allow me to make deeper connections with my fellow Democrats while leveraging my background as a nurse and retired Naval Officer to build a platform that benefits all.


Pamela Gomez

Pamela Gomez, is a Ward 6 resident with two decades of policy experience. She has worked as an advocate and communications professional for nonprofits and labor groups to advance respect for civil and political rights, and access to health care, education and good jobs. She is the secretary of the DC Latino Caucus, is an active volunteer for Neighbors United for DC Statehood, the DC Democratic Party, and the DC Democratic Women’s Club. She has also been active with local chapters of Indivisible and Swing Left to flip the neighboring states of Virginia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania blue.


Elizabeth Mitchell

I’m an activist and an advocate who has spent decades amplifying the voices of those who are too weak to speak, fighting for the welfare and care of those who having nothing left to lose, and demanding transparency and accountability from those who horde power. After decades of fighting for equality and equity, we are seeing all of the progress we’ve made attacked. It has never been more important to establish a rock solid platform that is not only inclusive but reflective of our values, goals, and accomplishments as we seek to protect the future of this great nation.


Hazel Thomas

I aspire to be a temporary member of the DNC Bylaws or Rules Committee, because I am constantly inspired by the words of my mentor, the late Lillian J. Huff who always said,”aspire to be or the Rules or Bylaws Committee, because that’s where the policy is made.”  I daily aspire to be a change agent, a empathetic listener and a forward-looking leader.


Elaine M. Sarao

I have extensive career experience in Domestic and International Analysis and Problem Solving.

Specifically: Analysis coupled with strategic planning which delivers goal oriented solutions and action plans addressing complex problems through working with teams of individuals.


Dev Meyers

I am asking for your vote, May 7 , to become a temporary member of the DNC’s  Platform standing committee. I am deeply passionate about education and would bring my expertise to the conversation. As a 1st grade educator, who has taught for three years, I am heavily invested in educational reform.

I want to bring awareness to the inequities in education at the national level. I want to infuse research and best practices to be applicable in real-world situations. I feel that it is my duty to relay the issues that my students and colleagues experience so that we can create solutions in our party’s platform.


James Bubar

JAMES S. BUBAR, Co-Chair of the Statehood Committee, worked with our party leaders to restore DC Statehood to the Democratic Party Platform for the first time in 12 years.  This time, we need to ensure that DC Statehood is included.  It’s not a guarantee.  We need to elect Joe Biden, who supports DC Statehood, President, and fight to include DC issues in the Democratic Party Platform.  I am an attorney and three-time elected DC delegate to the national convention.  I would be honored to lead DC on the Platform Committee.  I ask for your vote.  Thank you.


James Harnett

Growing up the son of Irish immigrants living paycheck-to-paycheck, who lost their jobs after the 2008 financial recession, now being a college student graduating into today's uncertainty brings back painful memories. But this public health emergency is a powerful opportunity to reshape our broken systems: by fighting for free and dependable public transportation, rent cancellation, and better government technology. I'm in this fight for everyone that has been left behind: our young people, our unhoused neighbors, and those who our governments have not supported in today's unprecedented crisis. I want to join you to be a part of that fight.


Margery Goldberg

I’m asking for your vote, to become a temporary member of the DNC’s Platform committee. Living in Washington for 52 years has given me a keen awareness of DC Politics knowing every elected official since home rule. A DCCAH Commissioner and treasurer; I have been involved in policy and politics since college at GWU 1968-72’. Having worked for myself many of our National leaders are friends and clients.


Delores Fields

Delores Fields has been a District residents for over 50 years attending public schools in Ward 4. A former ANC commissioner for 4D01, Site Coordinator for DCBOE, various Democratic campaign volunteer during primary and general elections. Ms. Fields was a former Citizen Panel Review board Member under Vincent Gray and a member of the Kennedy Street business association in the 90’s.


Antonio Crombie

My name is Antonio Crombie, a born Washingtonian, and I am submitting my statement of interest for temporary committee member of the Rules Committee. My passion and work in promoting Democratic causes, including equality, economic justice, and diversity and inclusion makes me suitable for this position. I am an ardent supporter of Democratic candidates, and Joe Biden in particular. As a minority LGBTQI person who grew up on welfare and has become a successful professional, I will work with other committee members to enforce the rules of the Party, while recommending changes to rules that are unfair or inequitable.


Cicily Hampton

Cicily Hampton, PhD, MPA is a healthcare executive with experience leading legislative and regulatory activities that address public health, healthcare, and health equity in health care programs. Dr. Hampton has spent her career working to increase access and quality of care for patients by developing delivery system and payment reform systems, quality metrics, and eliminating health disparities. Dr. Hampton is running to represent DC at the Democratic National Convention to bring public health expertise to the party platform to improve the health of our nation with practical, pragmatic policy solutions.


Monika Nemeth

I am Monika Nemeth and candidate for the Platform Committee.  I am the VP for Legislative and Political Affairs for the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club and DC State Democratic Committee member.  I am also on the Mayor’s Advisory Committee for LGBTQ Affairs.


In addition to DC Statehood, I am particularly concerned by how the Trump administration has rolled back and revoked a number of Obama era and earlier regulations particularly those that affect LGTBQ individuals.  As a trans woman, I believe it is important for me to be a part of the discussion as the platform is developed. 


Thaxton Blaise Springfield

THAXTON BLAISE SPRINGFIELD is a young Democrat, member of the LGBTQ+ community, individual living with disabilities, patient advocate, and health policy professional. Currently employed at Georgetown University (GU), his work focuses on increasing all Americans’ access to high-quality, affordable healthcare. While universal healthcare is the goal, Medicare-for-All will not solve the multifactorial and systemic problems plaguing our healthcare system. An elected representative of the staff at GU and voting member of the American Public Health Association’s national council governing policy positions, Blaise seeks election to help guide the Democratic Party’s future platform on social assistance programs and public health.


Dennis Jaffe

I seek appointment as a temporary member of the DNC Platform Committee. This year, our diverse Party has united with force and speed in choosing our presidential nominee because we recognize the monumental importance of our task to evict Donald Trump from the White House. There has been divisiveness. There will be more. I have been and will be resolute in advocating for a platform that is bold and progressive, but which our many differing constituencies still feel represents their voice. My approach reflects my valuing honest, issue-based dialogue that shuns the personal attacks that can impair our cohesive effectiveness.


Trupti J. Patel

I am a Ward 2 resident and have been an advocate for vulnerable low-wage shift workers.  My background includes working for the DNC during the 2004 presidential cycle as well has working on several local, state, and national campaigns. I’m running to continue the embodiment of dreams of two immigrant parents who arrived her with two suitcases and eight dollars in their pockets.  They taught me and showed me that the American Dream is for all of us. My candidacy is to show that we’re a part of this nation and that we all need a seat at the table.

Candidates for Rules Committee

peter rosenstein.jpg

Pete Rosenstein

My background for this position includes having been an active vocal member of the Democratic Party since the age of twenty-one over 50 years ago. I have attended five national conventions, been an elected delegate and covered them as a reporter. I have worked on Capitol Hill and in the Executive Branch.

I think it is crucial, especially if we have a virtual convention, that the rules are clear and the impact this will have on future conventions is a positive one.


Matt LaFortune

As the Political Advocacy Chair of the DC Young Democrats and the Programming Committee Co-Chair for the postponed Democratic State Convention, I have worked with many of you to encourage participation in the democratic process. I am running to represent DC as a Temporary Member of the DNC Rules Committee to bring that same focus on inclusion to the national party. Through my work to organize locally and support campaigns across the country, I believe that I have shown that passion and dedication that is necessary to help build our party and bring progressive change in 2020 and beyond.


Jonathan Silberman

I would like to represent the District as a member of the DNC Rules Committee.  I have lived in the District for seven years attending law school at Georgetown University and then working as an attorney in both the public and private sector.  As an attorney, I have studied and worked on issues related to voting, government and corporate procedure, and recovery from natural disasters and have represented individuals through a variety of local non-profits.  From these experiences, I have the knowledge and experience to represent the District and provide the best possible advice to achieve the DNC’s goals.


Andrew McCarthy-Clark

As a Southwest DC resident, American University staff member, member of the LGBTQ+ community, and President of the DC State Fair, I want to represent my fellow Washingtonians as a temporary member of the DNC Rules Committee.


I have trained and served as a protocol officer, a parliamentarian for a county commission, and on many bylaws committees. Further, I have an aptitude in explaining rules and regulations to others, translating any jargon to everyday language. I find this to be a useful way to ensure all constituents understand what is happening and why.

Dorinda .PNG

Dorinda "Rindi" White

I ask for your vote to represent Washington, DC as a Temporary Member of the DNC Rules Committee. I bring years of experience to assist in producing the most important part of the DNC convention, that is, to produce the report on the rules of the convention, the Party and set the convention agenda. I have served in leadership positions in local/state organizations and have the experience needed to recommend those individuals who will serve as permanent officers of the DNC Convention. When elected, I plan to contribute to the efficient and goal focused success of the 2020 DNC Convention as we elect Joe Biden! I thank you for your vote!


Stella Mach

I believe I am a great candidate for the Rules Committee for the following reasons: 

I have years of experience implementing new processes and making processes more efficient in my day-time job as a consultant for the federal government. I have years of experience setting up guidelines and frameworks from the ground up as I lead and manage small teams across different projects. I am very organized and detail-oriented.

I’ve been wanting to get more involved in the DC Democratic Party and am really excited for this opportunity!


Reta Jo Lewis

I am running to become a Temporary Member of the DNC Rules Standing Committee. I have more than 25 years of extensive political, public policy and legal experience. I currently serve as a At-Large Committeewoman on the D.C. Democratic State Committee. The experience I bring from being a veteran of seven Presidential campaigns, serving stints as a senior adviser, surrogate, national fundraiser, member of DNC convention floor operation, pledged 2016  delegate for Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and past member of a DNC standing committee, I am well suited to serve in  the role. As a former Obama-Biden political appointee and as a political director for President Bill Clinton in the White House, I have a deep understanding of the DNC’s rules, policies and procedures.


Antonio Crombie

My name is Antonio Crombie, a born Washingtonian, and I am submitting my statement of interest for temporary committee member of the Rules Committee. My passion and work in promoting Democratic causes, including equality, economic justice, and diversity and inclusion makes me suitable for this position. I am an ardent supporter of Democratic candidates, and Joe Biden in particular. As a minority LGBTQI person who grew up on welfare and has become a successful professional, I will work with other committee members to enforce the rules of the Party, while recommending changes to rules that are unfair or inequitable.


Ethan Van Ness

I am young and in comparison to many of the dedicated members of this organization new Washingtonian dedicated to serving our city (state). I believe my professional background in public policy combined with my experiences as the Parliamentarian of the Ward 6 Democrats, President of the Advisory Board of the Washington Urban Debate League, and Recording Secretary of the DC Young Democrats have prepared me to help plan and execute the procedural needs and requirements of our organization. I want to do all that I can to help our team thrive. Thank you for your consideration and support!


Kayode S. Olugbuyi

I’ve been a resident of the District of Columbia for nearly 40 years and attended DC Public higher institution. I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Professional Science Master in Water Resources. I have served the DC residents through DC Water employment for 35 years. I am an active member of the African community and supporting member of Democratic Party. Though I may be new to DC politic, while serving in public service I have incubated the idea of active participation in politics. Now, I’m ready and counting on you to help hatch my political aspiration by continuing my passion of serving the public. 


John Lucio

Given the uncertainty enveloping the status of the convention, the necessity to review, provide recommendations to, and amend the rules is the critical requirement for the success of the 2020 Democratic Convention. While the current events are unprecedented, the necessity that the rules remain the foundational enabler of order and decorum remains vital.

I have over 25 years of committed community and legislative involvement, and believe I have the insight and awareness to provide valuable support to the committee that empowers all other functions to operate under established orders, I want to do my part to provide a steady hand during these uncertain times. 


Keith Perry

When I was a first year student at Howard University School of Law, Charles Hamilton Houston’s admonition that “a lawyer is either a social engineer or a parasite on society” reaffirmed my decision to dedicate my career to public service.  I became Treasurer of the DC Young Democrats, an ex-officio member of the Democratic State Committee, Treasurer of Sharon Pratt for Mayor and returned to the State Committee in 2004 as Ward 6 Committeeman.  I became Marion Barry’s Chief of Staff and Executive Director of the National Bar Association. I wish to serve because I have more to give.


Teal Baker

These are unprecedented times for our party. This summer’s national convention will be unlike any other and serves as a key opportunity to share our values as Democrats.  Vice President Joe Biden is best served by a robust, enthusiastic convention regardless of the eventual format. Underpinning that effort are the rules by which our nominee and his running mate will be formally nominated. I served as Barack Obama’s national surrogate director in 2008 and ran convention operations in 2012 for his re-election campaign as deputy chief operating officer. I was a volunteer member of the podium operations team in 2016.

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