Add-On Member Candidates

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Emmanuelle Klossou

Since the 1980s, I have lived in the US with parents seeking an American Dream. Growing up, I was powerless in effecting change in governments making decisions that significantly impacted my family and others that looked like mine. There were no leaders in our community then, to advocate on our behalf, as we navigated local systems to remedy housing, food, and health insecurity. I continue to observe this limited leadership and advocacy in the community in which I now belong.

As an educator, I have embodied the values of the Party, and sought to teach and practice them. Running for add-on member is an opportunity to scale such efforts beyond the classroom. It is an opportunity to truly serve as an example of how we govern together, and to ensure that even more members of the community and our society have a seat and a voice at the table.”I have been a resident of Ward 7 for nearly ten years.

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Corina Garay

My name is Corina Garay, I am a proud long-time Democrat, DC Native, and a resident of Ward 3. I am running as a DC Add-On Member to the DC Democratic State Committee because I believe that the organization should be representative of the diversity of our community. As a Latina and a community advocate, I believe that I can bring to light the issues that impact the Hispanic and Latino community while upholding the organization’s strong democratic values. I have a strong sense of community and will fight for the voices that are often forgotten. I have volunteered for various organizations throughout the DC area and am a co-founder of Gaby’s House, a non-profit organization that serves underprivileged children with special needs. I am also a board member for the DC Young Democrats, an organization that aims to mobilize younger Democrats to secure the continued legacy of our party. As a professional, I have exceptional organizational skills and am a catalyst for optimizing performance while enhancing productivity by reviewing, analyzing, and interpreting policy, regulations and procedures. If elected, I will commit my time, dedication, and service to the DC Democratic State Committee.

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Brianna Raquel Gomez McGowan

With a Biden presidency, I am grounding myself to realize that the work is just beginning. As a DC Dem Add-on member, I will uplift the voices of my black and brown communities in DC and balance how to best serve the people of DC. I deeply love this city and am committed to making sure we have proportional representation, put equity in power, and strengthen our democracy. I want to bring joy to Washingtonians, and that starts by meeting people's basic needs as we move towards DC Statehood.

I am a Director for both Women Who Code DC and Delicious Democracy, DC's Creative Advocacy Lab. I am a developer, poet, data scientist, modern dancer, and an advocate for equitable transformations to DC's power systems. I am passionate about intersecting worlds, developing community-owned AI, and building the future state.

My strength is my warmth. With integrity, I inspire my communities to boldly envision what they want and need in a livable future - a future that defies the status quo and move towards health and prosperity for all.

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Christine Irish

I am running to represent the young and progressive voters that are increasingly a part of the Democratic Party here in the district. As the current Director of Public Relations for the DC Young Democrats, I have extensive experience with social media, marketing, communications, graphic design, video editing, and public relations. 

Outside of my work with the DC Young Dems, I have previously interned in the US Senate, ran Public Relations for several Democratic candidates, volunteered with many other campaigns, and participated in Community Organizing and Mutual Aid efforts. I am a fierce advocate for DC Statehood, Racial Equity, Gender Equality, LGBTQ+ Rights, and Economic Justice.

Professionally, I work as a Product Manager in the higher education technology field, where I help improve access to College resources for underrepresented and first-generation college students in DC and across the country.

I believe that engaging young progressives will be essential to the future success of the party. My goal is to help the party connect with and engage voters like me, and to mobilize the next generation of DC Dems.

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Sheila Bunn

I am running to be an Add-on member of the DC Democratic Party because I want to be active participant in helping to improve and shape the District’s political landscape. In light of today's political unrest, attacks on affordable healthcare, the need for criminal justice reform, and the instability caused by the pandemic, now more than ever, we as Democrats, must work even harder to ensure that our neighbors who are less involved or not at all involved in the process are motivated to be engaged in this process to elect Democrats who will work to solve these and other pressing issues in our city. Additionally, I want to use my Hill and Council experience to work with this body as we approach redistricting in our city as well as focusing on issues like whether vote by mail should become permanent in the District. In the aftermath of the 2020 elections, I want to bring my experience and knowledge to help the Party continue it’s push for full Statehood for the District. I want to work with the Party to increase voter education and sustain participation and turnout among the general populous and strategize to engage, recruit and strengthen our relationship with untouched and new segments of the DC population. I want to work with the Party to sustain the momentum we’ve gained in 2020 and promote and develop programs that will help us propel Democrats in the District and nationwide to success in upcoming elections.

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Ashley McMaster

I'm a proud D.C. resident and dedicated Democrat. I've lived or worked in Washington, D.C., for the better part of 15 years, and I have been a long-time proponent of D.C. statehood. I'm steeped in federal and local politics and have communications and development experience. I looking for an opportunity to get off the sidelines and start being an active part of the change instead of a reactionary constituent.

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Dorinda "Rindi" White

I am asking for your vote to be re-elected as an Add-On Committeewoman. These are unusual times which call for people who can think outside the box to get Democrats elected. I am that person! As an active Ward 6 Democrat and President of the DC Federation of Democratic Women, I bring experience, mentorship and a multi-cultural approach to my activism. I believe in the DC political environment and our impact on local and national politics. In fact, I served as a DNC Temporary Rules Committee Member and I have been an active GOTVer for the Biden-Harris ticket. The DCDSC is a beacon of light for many Democrats in the District. Our programs, outreach and volunteerism have engaged DC residents like never before! Women are being recognized as trailblazers and leaders in the Democratic process. Together, we have made a difference locally and nationally. I ask for your vote so that I can continue to offer my insight, advice and experience as we move towards the Biden-Harris Administration where together we can strive for DC Statehood and a stronger, unified, and inspired Democratic Party for all DC residents. Yes, we can! Together, we can! Vote for Dorinda “Rindi” White for Add-On Committeewoman!

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Dr. Cicily Hampton

As a public health advocate, I have worked my entire career to advance an agenda focused on equity, inclusion and economic prosperity for all Americans. Since moving to Washington, DC in 2008 and working for a Democratic member of Congress I have looked for ways to use my time and talents to serve my community so I am excited for the opportunity that becoming an Add-On Member of the DC Democratic Party represents. Over the past five years I have educated more than 1,000 people on how to advocate for progressive causes and believe this is a valuable skill to continue to engage with constituents at all levels in the democratic process. Should I be elected to this position, it is my goal to continue to use my community organizing and advocacy communications skills to advance the DC Democrat Party platform goals. 


Amber Hewitt

My name is Dr. Amber Hewitt and I am a Ward 2 resident. I hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California in biological sciences, a master’s degree in psychology from Boston University, and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Loyola University Chicago. I am running for a position on the DC Democratic State Committee, because this moment, now more than ever, calls for a strong commitment to justice and equity. We must all work together to fight voter suppression and defend democracy. I uphold the values of the Democratic Party, and will continue to work to advance equity and justice for all D.C. residents. I plan to bring my experiences to bear as a social justice practitioner and health care advocate. I would be honored to be a voice in service for D.C. residents serve as a DC Democratic State Committeeperson.

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Ruth Pagani

I am asking for your support in electing me as an Add-on Committeewoman. I am a first generation, state-side born Puerto Rican, raised by a union family in the Bronx. I am a graduate of Grinnell College, and received my Master in Public Administration from the George Washington University.  My political career began under Ron Brown at the DNC, and I have worked or volunteered for the Clinton, Gore, Obama and Biden Presidential campaigns.  I have also campaigned for Mayors Anthony Williams and Muriel Bowser, Attorney General Karl Racine and At-Large Councilmember Robert White.  In addition, I have served as a lobbyist or consultant for the National Puerto Rican Coalition, National Council of La Raza, the National Women’s Political Caucus, the Rainbow Coalition, the National Hispanic Housing Council, Vida Senior Centers, Washington English Center and the United Planning Organization.

I have also worked for the Department of Labor, DC Office of Planning, DC Housing Authority and the DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer.

Now that I am retired, I have the time and desire to work on the issues that are important to us, to make the DCDSC stronger, and to help the leverage the talent and resources of the Democratic State Committee to help our local Democratic Party grow, and support candidates and causes around the country, whenever and wherever we may be needed.

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Shauna Gordon-McKeon

I want to advance causes I believe in, such as: fighting climate change and transitioning to a green and sustainable society; ending voter suppression and making it as easy as possible to vote; justice reform and police reform; making DC affordable for long-time residents and providing a more just alternative to gentrification; and more. The Democratic Party is by far the better of the two major parties to achieve these goals.

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Sheika Reid

Because we need to retain a diversity of youthful voices on the DC Democratic State Committee

Dionna Maria Lewis Headshot 2020 - Dionn

Dionna Maria Lewis

As a third generation Washingtonian and a lifelong Democrat, I believe protecting, advancing, and promoting the ideals and tenets of Democracy and political action for the creation, sustenance, and perpetuation of good, fair, and equitable government, is paramount; especially during these difficult times that our Country is facing. While Democratic candidates are in the pursuit of prevailing on local and national levels, there is a lot of damage that has been done to our system and institution, that we must work cohesively to repair. As a former Board Member of the DC Board of Elections, I have been a firm advocate for good government and fair elections, and work with civic organizations in the community as a civil rights attorney, small business owner, and civic activist to promote efforts that reflect equitable prosperity for all DC residents, across all eight wards. I am running to bring a diverse, strategic, and passionate approach to the Add On Committee Member role, and to assist the Party in the pursuit and support of our mission, goals, and Party sustainability at the local and national levels.

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Andrea Crooms

Though born and raised in DE/MD, I am a proud Washingtonian, having lived in DC for 15 years, 10 years as a homeowner in North Michigan Park, in Ward 5. I am an active attendee of community association meetings, ANC meetings, City Council meetings and other community forums. I have volunteered on elections nationally- including serving as a relational organizer nationally for Sanders, Clinton and Biden, and taking leave from my full-time job as a public servant to lead credentialing for the Voter Protection program on the Biden campaign in Pennsylvania in 2020- and locally have served as a poll-worker, run for delegate, volunteered on numerous city council and school board campaigns, and worked with the council on issues such as rent control, the urban tree canopy, water protection and energy efficiency and renewable energy. I am an active volunteer organizer with numerous environmental and social justice organizations in the District, working for environmental, racial, and economic justice for the residents of what I hope will soon be the 51st state. I would like to be a more active member of the party as we move forward on issues critical to Washingtonians both locally and nationally.   

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Marjorie Perminter Gilliard

I am running to be apart of an Extraordinary Leadership. I want to be another powerful voice for D.C. Residents and Seniors Residents and disable persons. I want to make a difference and help the COMMUNITIES. I love being apart of POLITICS and PUBLIC RELATIONS WORDS OF ACTIONS FOR CHANGE AND FOR JUSTICE. I will learn from the BEST, to be the BEST in OUR MISSION for CHANGE and JUSTICE. I would like the opportunity to be apart of the POSITIVE MISSION MOVEMENT for CHANGE and JUSTICE going in the right direction for ALL HUMAN BEINGS with DC DEMOCRATS MEMBERS GUIDANCE. I want to grow with your leadership and peers. (WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO WALK AMONG THE TEAM OF ACTIONS THAT IS KEEPING HOPE ALIVE. Even if I am just a door keeper, I want to be among the VISION AND MISSION FOR CHANGE. I WANT TO BE APART OF A NEW CHARPTER IN HISTORY THAT IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLE LIVES TODAY. NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME FOR ANOTHER DOOR TO OPEN IN MY JOURNEY OF LIFE. I WANT TO BE AN ADDITIONAL POWERFUL VOICE FOR IDEAS AND RESULTS ALONG WITH THE PEOPLE WHO ALREADY MADE THE WAY FOR OTHERS AND ME. DC DEMOCRATS MEMBERS MADE THEIR DREAMS A REALITY. I want to KEEP DR. DOROTHY HEIGHTS HOPE, FAITH and DREAMS ALIVE. ( I can never never be her, or walk in her steps.) But I can walk in her foot prints with a voice.

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Elani Lawrence

Elani Lawrence is a native Washingtonian and a proud DCPS graduate. She has 24 years of experience as a teacher and educational leader. She started on this path as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic serving as a community education promoter.  Elani holds a BA in sociology and minor in Spanish from the University of Virginia, a Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from Teachers College, Columbia University and a Professional Diploma in Educational Leadership from Long Island University. Most recently, Elani’s work has focused on family and parent engagement efforts working collaboratively with families to advocate for the needs of their children in DC schools.  

Elani is a lifelong Democrat and is committed to voter education and engagement.  Through her work in adult education, Elani has supported new US citizens to become registered to vote and become educated voters.  This includes planning voter registration opportunities with the DC Board of Elections and planning and executing early voting trips, and supporting new voters whose first language is not English at the polls.   

Elani is running for Add On Member for the DC Democratic State Committee because she is passionate about voter education and engagement.  

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Juan Ulloa

As a Latino and a person with a disability, I think representation is important at all levels of government. However, action is just as important. If I want to see improvement in local and national political discourse, it is vital that I do my part. 

Since moving to DC from New York in 2007, I marvel at the amount of impact I can have in local political discourse. To improve things however, the party needs to diversify and listen to different perspectives, which is why I choose to run.

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 8.48.38 PM - D

Donald Georgette

I grew up in the Midwest with union family members. I worked a number of low wage jobs in food service and mental health through my early 20s. Now, I have an MBA and years of sales and fundraising experience (over $7500 donated/raised for democrats in the past four years). I'm completing my Master of Accountancy and have already been given a full-time offer at a Top 10 Tax Accounting firm. I want to make sure the needs of Ward 7 (the Forgotten Ward) are heard. In addition, liberal and progressive policies need firm tax and business footing to be effectively introduced, understood, and passed. I'm committed to all the needs of DC and particularly residents "East of the River," including transportation access, jobs, retaining black and latino residents, and environmental justice. Separately, my personal passion topics are city procurement (insuring we procure goods and services from businesses that provide living wages and collective bargaining), effective taxation of the wealthy, achieving our emissions reductions goals and green investments, and affordable housing spread equitably across all Wards. 

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Juven Jacob

I spent the past several months traveling the country to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. I visited most of the swing states and with the help of my team, registered tens of thousands of voters and made sure they showed up to vote or mailed in their ballot. I am running because I believe in a government that works for everyday Americans. For a living wage, for healthcare for all, and for a responsible and competent government.

Mo- Pic1 - Muh Hamam.jpeg

Mohamed Ahammam

As a resident of Dc for more than 13 years and as immigrant, I would to have an opportunity to share my perspective on local and national issues. Also I want to promote Democratic party values among the the North African communities in DMV area.

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Matt LaFortune

Over the past year, I have worked with the DC Democratic State Committee and its affiliated organizations to help inform voters and get out the vote in the District and for competitive campaigns nationwide. As the GOTV Lead for the Ward 6 Democrats, I organized volunteers to help write 20,000+ postcards as part of the DCDSC's #FlipNC4DC program. I worked as a Ward Captain for Councilmember Robert White's re-election campaign, leading the effort to win votes for Robert in Ward 6. I also moderated a panel of At-Large SBOE candidates as the Political Advocacy Chair of the DC Young Democrats and served on the DCDSC's Voter Education and Outreach Committee.

IMG_2578 - James Devlin.jpg

James Anthony Devlin-Braswell

I moved to DC in 2015 and I've followed the local politics fervently. Now I would like to use my knowledge and passion to support the local Democratic Party and likeminded individuals with common goals. I first took an interest in politics in 1992 during the Clinton campaign. At that time I was only 7 years old. I later went on to earn a BA in Political Science from Morehouse College and an MPA from Brown University. I’ve served as an NCO in the Air Force as well as a government contractor here in the DC area. While in both positions I was able to support some of our nation’s highest military generals. Being someone who is first-generation American and college-graduate, I’m familiar with the struggles of everyday life. Being a first-generation Washingtonian has inspired me to be part of the change I know can occur. While I do believe there are many people who can do a good job, I know that I am truly a product of the people and I will continue to work for the people.


Ronnie Edwards

I would like to continue working with party leaders to build on and expand the significance and effectiveness of the State Committee. Continue pursuit of Statehood; solidify our strength by Engaging businesses and business organizations, electing Democrats across the Country and establishing procedures for holding elected officials accountable.


Japer Bowles

I'm seeking to step up and work hard for the DC Democratic Party.

I am currently the Treasurer of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C, in Adams Morgan. I began my electoral career toppling a popular 12-year incumbent by outworking the incumbent, focusing on issues that matter most to my neighbors, building a robust volunteer infrastructure and being collaborative and creative with events. This November I was also honored to be elected Vice President of Legislative affairs for the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club, which is the official voice of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Democrats in the District of Columbia.

I am one of the founders and the current Chair of the ANC Rainbow Caucus, which is an organization of 36 LGBTQ+ elected ANC Commissioners (up from 26 in 2018). In this role, I helped first time candidates win their elections and successfully led advocacy efforts with DC Council that resulted in ~$2.7million in additional services and resources dedicated towards LGBTQ+ residents. In a time of budget cuts, I am most proud of additional funding for: housing for LGBTQ+ youth and seniors, restoration of Office of Human Rights hate-crime staff, and a historic transgender workforce program.

I started my advocacy work as chief of staff for a representative in the Missouri Legislature, then moved to management at a top state and local advocacy firm in Arlington. I now luckily advocate full time on behalf of LGBTQ+ youth.

Richard Lum - Richard Lum.jpg

Richard Lum

I have lived in DC for nearly 15 years, and I am running for DC Dems Ad-On Member because I feel the committee should represent the residents of the 51st state. Growing up in a multicultural household in the South, I struggled with my identity in a binary racially divided society, where I was labeled as “other” by nearly everyone I met. As I found my voice, I learned to appreciate while we all come from different backgrounds, we can achieve great things only when we work together.

I have served in leadership and advisory capacities in the public and private sectors. At the Brookings Institution and Council on Foreign Relations policy issues included women’s education, international development, HIV/AIDS, and economic policy; government service includes working for the National Economic Council and Office of Public Liaison of White House in the Clinton Administration. Board and leadership service includes Rhodes College, Washington National Opera, DNC Platform Committee, National Association of Asian American Professionals, Organization of Chinese Americans, United Way of Central Ohio’s Project Diversity, and Victory Fund Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute. I volunteer for the Smithsonian Institution as a docent at the National Museum of Asian Art – Freer Gallery of Art.

john lucio.jpg

John Lucio

“Contributing to a greater cause.” Facially, these five words may resemble a shallow campaign slogan, but for me the desire to contribute to something greater than myself is depthless. I accept the responsibility that we, as individuals, must contribute to hastening the end of the universal struggles for racial equality, social justice, and diminished comity. But any attempt to catalog individual contributions to these causes would be futile attempts to disguise the truth – accomplishing the level of fairness and equity we deserve is only possible if we work together to stay motivated, coordinated, and activated. I want to be part of a team that can preserve and ensure the democracy we demand in our lifetime. I am asking for support to be an Add-on Member of the DC Democratic State Party because I feel that I can contribute to something much bigger than myself. I have been committed, through my involvement in the Ward 5 Democrats, to fostering coalitions and relationships throughout the District with the singular goal of achieving meaningful objectives. I plan to bring my diverse perspectives and experiences to the Democratic State Party, and be a valuable part of the organization and contribute to the greater cause.


Kevin Chavous

I am running to assist the DC Democratic State Committee in organizing and activating Democrats in the District. I am also running to help ensure that the organization functions in a fair manner. I am committed to doing the necessary work to make sure that the DCDSC reaches its full potential.

Pro Pic 2 - Andrew Haynesworth.png

Andrew Carlyle Haynesworth

I am a DC Native from SE, and I have been fortunate enough to be educated in the City. My enriching experience with DC Public Schools set me up for success. Fighting for DC has been a major part of my life’s mission. By preparing our community for the awesome responsibility of Statehood I will be a Champion for our community. I will be a radical, responsive leader, to my Ward 7 neighbors, so that we can move the Dem Party forward.

8518C016-3360-4758-A6A3-17C61D3418C4 - C

Cody Voyles

I am running because I believe it is vital that we have continued and even more involvement in the DC party - not only at a National level, but locally. I have lived here 4 years in January and I can’t think of one time that where I’ve been contacted by phone and asked to become engaged in the local party. (I registered to vote the month I moved here, too.) We have a lot of work to do for this amazing city and the amazing Washingtonians that have loved here far longer than me and I would love to help more people become involved.

Alan Karnofsky.jpeg

Alan Karnofsky

I am running for re-election as an Add-On Member for the DC Democratic Party. In 2018, you all elected me as a new add-on member. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with you all over the last two years. Additionally, the party elected me as Recording Secretary in early 2020. In this role, I am to take the meeting minutes for all Executive and General body meetings for the party. I look forward to hopefully continuing this work over the next two years.

Currently, I am an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. However, I have realized that more effective action can be taken as a member of the DC Democratic Party. That is why I am not running for re-election as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. Once my term ends in December, I plan on joining and working with the Blue Wave and Statehood Committees as these are my two biggest passion areas.

Thank you for electing me two years ago, and I hope you vote for me to stay on as a member for the next two years.  


Bo Shuff

I was honored to be chosen by the Committee to serve as an Add-On Member for a partial term.  I would like to continue my service and maintain my role as an Add-On Member in what will be an historic time in DC history.  

In my short time as a member I have played a part on the teams that have brought forth both the ""No Donation Without Representation"" and ""Flip NC for DC"" programs - key components of our work in the 2020 cycle.  In addition, I played a key role in the State Convention planning, up until the Coronavirus restrictions made it not possible. 

At the same time I have worked to support and elevate efforts brought forth by others as I strongly believe our strength comes from our diversity and the discussions we have among different views make our work better. 

I am asking for your support, again, for the Add-On Member role with the DC SDC. Thank you. 

IMG_6252 - Sam Jared Bonar.JPG

Sam Bonar

My name is Sam Bonar and I'm a running for Add-On Member because I believe in the power of culture and creativity to change politics. I've been in DC for 8 years and I'm a Co-Director of Delicious Democracy: DC's Creative Advocacy Lab. We're cooking up a cultural solution of political movement, building new civic engagement tools, and organizing coalitions for a stronger democracy. My strength is deep listening and mediation between progressives and moderates. We can defy the divisive political "spectrum" and nourish new conversations that promote healing and spark systemic change.

If we want younger generations to invest in the party, we must make it a vehicle for them to tap into their authentic selves. My expertise is turning music, food, dance, humor, and creativity into meaningful strategy. I love making politics less boring and integrating joy into our traditions, decisions, and policy-making. I combat voter apathy by talking with folks outside of election season about how and why we vote, instead of simply yelling "VOTE!" every two years. As for policy, I would focus on essential needs and freedoms that make a difference in people's everyday lives: clean water, healthy food, equitable education, and affordable housing.


Christopher Jones

I'm running to help make a change in my community and city. As a member and representative of the real Washington DC, having lived and traversed some of the cities more heavily under served and under privileged neighborhoods, as a lifetime resident whom has watched the changes in the area. It's abundantly clear we need better representation, so that the next wave of changes and upgrades are things that actually benefit the long time residents as well as the new incoming ones. As a neighborhood activist and leader I will help bridge a divide of the long time residents and political occupancies whom rotate in and out of our city with each passing party. The same bridge will be built between investors, businessmen, politicians and residents to help create a more utopian DC. Where all can stride, and live to the fullest extent, and capabilities of the American dream!

Moore_Chris_598 - Chris Moore.jpg

Christopher Moore

Democrats achieve nationally when we build and lead locally. Last week’s election may not have delivered the kind of decisive national mandate for change many of us campaigned for. But progressive candidates had a tremendous showing in the District and in local races across the country. Those candidates won by speaking to the problems of real people and by promoting practical solutions and hometown values. As a 25-year District resident and lifelong Democrat, I am deeply invested in our community and our Party. As a new local small business owner, an experienced advocate and a current and past board member of non-profit organizations championing the rights and health of LGBTQ people and older Americans, I know what’s on the minds of our neighbors. I know how to mobilize people and change laws and policies. I believe the voices, experience and energy of local Democratic organizations are needed now more than ever to solve the mounting challenges facing our nation. We need you. And if you decide to elect me, I would be honored to support your work as an Add-On Member.


Bob Brandon

I am a current Add-on member and I’d like to continue to offer my experience to the State Committee from my 15 years running Fair Elections Center, a national Voting Rights and Election Reform organization that has successfully litigated against voter suppression around the country and runs one of the country’s largest non-partisan youth mobilization organizations, Campus Vote Project partnering with 275 campuses, including community colleges, public universities and minority serving institutions.


I have served for 14 years on the Committee --twice as Ward 3 Chair, twice elected Committeeman and, in 2018, as an Add-On member. 


My whole career has been devoted to public interest law, running progressive grassroots labor and citizens organizations and working nationally promoting Presidents Clinton and Obama's health care agenda. 


I have a deep commitment to the city and its residents, particularly those who struggle to get resources they need and deserve. Through four mayors I have served and chaired the city's Health Planning Commission, helping to steer Health Services to the underserved parts of the city.


I also co-founded, 19 years ago, Fields of Dreams, a free afterschool and summer camp that has helped over 3,900 elementary school children in Wards 7 & 8.

Prof Shot - Detrick Campbell.jpg

Detrick D. Campbell

As a native Washingtonian, I am running to pick up the mantle for the next generation. The District gave me the opportunity and skills needed to succeed. Now, I must learn to apply those skills with other leaders to create a Democratic Party for all Washingtonians. I would love for DC to welcome Stacey Abrams as the next potential DNC chair.